It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

No Sense in Being Worried

Rachel was lying in bed, already awake as she was not able to sleep much during the night. She tried to stay positive and rationalize that there was nothing to worry about, until the doctor said otherwise. And more importantly, there was no sense in Emma being worried, either. It was rather ironic that everything was about to change, on the results of just one test. But no matter how much Rachel told herself she would not worry, inside she was a nervous wreck.

Rachel was pretty good at putting on a brave face, pretending that nothing was wrong and a lot of times, she was able to fool people, but Ross could always see right thru her act. "Good morning, sweetie" Ross greeted as he lightly kissed her. Rachel smiled, as she returned the kiss. "I guess this is really it, huh", Ross said with a sigh. "Listen to me, Ross", Rachel said as they got up, "We don't know anything yet, and it could very well be nothing". Ross nodded and said, "Yeah I know. But I can't help thinking..."

"You can't help thinking what if it's not", Rachel said, as Ross nodded. Rachel had an uncanny knack for being able to finish Ross' sentences. "I know you're scared. I know you're scared of what the results of the test could be, and I am too. But we have to be strong... for Emma. We can't let her worry about this, no matter how much we are worried". Ross nodded in agreement as Emma came into the room and sat on the foot of the bed. "Whatcha doing, Brat", her mom asked with a smile.

"I'm helping Aunt Monica cook", she replied with a bright smile. Her dad chuckled and said "Well thank God at least one person in the family can cook", as he made a face at Rachel. "Hey, I can cook", Rachel said and Ross replied that burned eggs and toast is not cooking. They get dressed and head downstairs, to the dining room where everybody else was already gathered. "Hey, I saved you a seat Emma", Phoebe said with a smile as she pointed to the chair next to her.

Joey asked when they were heading for the hospital, and Ross said the doctor wanted Emma there by 4'oclock, and said they will leave between 130 and 2:00. "What are they going to do", Emma asked and there was a pause and Ross replied "I don't really know, sweetie". Rachel smiled and said "But we're not going to worry about it, Brat. This is just a test, and that's all it is". After breakfast, Ross and Emma go to their room, and pack some things Emma would need, as Rachel helped Monica clean the table.

"Did you want us to come with you guys", Monica asked as she put some dishes in the sink. "Well", Rachel began, "Today is going to be a little bit stressful, and we don't want Emma to feel overwhelmed, so if you don't mind..." Monica smiled as she put her arm around her friend and said "I don't mind at all". Rachel thanked her, saying if she wanted they could wait with her, during the testing, the next day. They spent the next few hours just lounging around the house and before they knew it, it was time to leave.

"Emma, let's go", her dad called, holding her bag. "Do we have to go", Emma whined as she slowly made her way down stairs. Her mom went over to her, hugged her and picked her up and said "The sooner we get the test over with, the sooner we'll find out that nothing is wrong". Everybody wished her good luck as they get in the car and make their way to the hospital in New York. Eventually, the arrive at the hospital and is greeted by a middle-aged gentleman, wearing a blue shirt and silver tie.

He shook their hand and said "I am Dr. Peterson, but you can call me Don". He turned to Emma and said "And you must be Emma... my what a pretty young lady you are". He smiled and asked if Emma liked coloring books and she nodded. "Well", he said, pulling a coloring book out of his case and said "I have one, just for you. Why don't you go over there and color, while your parents and I talk, ok". He guided Emma to a table and handed her some crayons.

He lead Ross and Rachel to his office, and invited them to sit down. "I just want you to know that your daughter is in great hands", he said as he explained the procedure. He said they will take a sample of bone marrow and have it analyzed. Ross fully understood what the doctor meant, but let him explain it to Rachel. He said that Emma would be given a local anesthetic, and said a very small incision would be made at her hip-bone, which caused Rachel to shudder, just thinking about it.

"How long before you will know anything", Ross asked and the doctor said usually within 3 to 5 days later. "Will she be ok after the procedure", Rachel asked and the doctor said she would be sore, but recovery was usually very quick. He advised her just to make sure she rest, in and not try to move around, to avoid further aggravation. The doctor asked if he wanted them to explain it to Emma or if they wanted to, and Rachel said they would. The doctor said to have him paged, if they needed him.

They gather and gently explain to Emma what was going to happen and she started to cry and said "I don't wanna". Rachel reached down, hugging her daughter and whispered "I know you don't angel and if I could I would take your place in an instant". Emma asked where everybody else was and Rachel said she would see them tomorrow. Ross goes to the cafeteria and brings up some sandwiches and drinks, telling Emma to eat, because she wouldn't be able to eat later on.

After they eat, Rachel suggest that she get a shower and try to get some sleep, as she got in the chair next to her, not leaving her side once during the night.

- To Be Continued -

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