It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

The Waiting Game

It was the next afternoon, as Ross and Rachel had returned with Emma, just as Monica finished making lunch. "Hey Emma, you wanna go into the clubhouse with us", Jack asked. "Sweetie, I think her mom and dad want her to rest", Monica said. "Please, mommy. I feel fine", Emma begged, as Rachel said "Honey, Aunt Monica is right. You need to get some rest, because you've been thru an awful lot". They all go inside as Jack flies out the back door, and scampers up a huge oak tree in the back yard, and goes into a tree-house that Chandler had built.

Joey enters the living room with a suitcase and Rachel asked "Honey, you're not going back now, are you". Joey said he had an early flight back to Los Angeles the next morning, and wanted everything to be ready. Rachel hugged Joey and said "Thank you for coming, and being here for us. You have no idea just how much we appreciate it". Joey smiled and said "I was just happy to be here, Rachel". He hugged Emma and said "And I want you to know, you can always call your Uncle Joey".

Monica asked Emma if she was hungry, but she just shook her head. "I think she's more tired, than anything else", her mom commented. She took Emma upstairs to the guest room, and told her to slip into her pajamas, and she whined "I'm not tired, and I feel ok. Why can't I go out and play". Rachel chuckled and said "Oh, I know you think you're fine, Brat and I know you want to go out and play with your cousins, but right now it's more important that you get all the rest you can".

She got into bed, as her mom stayed with her for a few more minutes, as Emma looked out the window, watching Jack swinging from a rope that was attached to a tree, as Erica was in the tree-house, trying to pelt him with water balloons. "When you're better and well again, we can come back and you can play with your cousins", Rachel said as she gently stroked her hair. She got up, asking if Emma needed or wanted anything, and she just shook her head. "Try and get some sleep, Emma", Rachel said with a smile as she closed the door and headed downstairs.

It was later on in the evening, as Rachel quietly entered and whispered "Sweetie, somebody wants to see you". Emma opened her eyes, as Joey leaned over, gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek, and said "I'll be gone by the time you wake up, and just want you to know that I know everything will be fine, with the test. You just keep on hanging in there". Emma said "Uncle Joey, don't go". Joey sat on the bed and said "I have to, Brat. I gotta go back to work, and I'm sure you miss your friends at school, right".

She shrugged and said "Yeah, I guess". Joey smiled and said "And you're learning to read and right now, aren't you". Emma nodded and Joey said "We can write each other all the time, and we can talk on the phone too. Just because I'm in California, does not mean I'm not in your life. Ok"? Emma nodded, and settled back down as Rachel and Joey left the bedroom. They enter the living room, just as Monica returned from putting the kids to bed, and Rachel burst out sobbing. Monica held her tightly and whispered "Let it all out, Rachel. It's ok, and you don't need to pretend to be strong for us". Rachel sighed and said "I just can't take anymore of this", and started to cry again.

"I can't stand the wait... waiting to hear if my daughter has a life-threatening disease", she said once the tears subsided. "I know, and this is killing me as well, Ross replied as he made his way over to where she was, and sat down by her. "I would gladly take her place", he said as he took Rachel's hand in his own. Rachel nodded, saying she would do the same as well. "But Western Medicine is wrong all the time...", Phoebe said as Rachel interrupted, saying not to pretend nothing is wrong. "But we don't know that", Phoebe said, "It could be nothing". Rachel nodded slightly and said "Yeah, but at the same time, it could be something"

They stayed up, chatting late into the evening, and one by one, they all went to bed. Rachel was awoken by a door being closed, and peered out the window to see Chandler and Joey walking towards Chandler's car, as they got in and drove to the airport. She sighed, as she climbed back into bed and soon was asleep again, as Monica was hurrying, getting the kids up and ready for school. Ross and Rachel woke up, just as Chandler returned from the airport

It was three days later, on a Saturday as Ross and Rachel were loading their things in the trunk of the car, as Emma was already in the back seat. Phoebe had already left the day before, going back to Albany, and now Ross, Rachel, and Emma were getting ready to head back to Rhode Island. "Promise you'll call when you get back", Monica asked and Rachel said they would. Monica opened the car door, sat down next to Emma and said "And I don't want you to worry about anything. You let us do the worrying, ok". Emma nodded , as she hugged her aunt, thanking her for everything.

Rachel and Ross got in the car, stopping long enough to get some gas and a candy bar for Emma. "Can I go back to school on Monday", Emma asked as Rachel said "We'll see how you feel". They made their way back to their house, as Rachel, as promised, called Monica to let them know they made it home, ok. Come Monday, Rachel and Ross decided she could go to school, and went to take her, telling her they will be there to pick her up, at the end of the day.

"I have to go in to work for a little while, will you be ok", Ross asked Rachel who nodded, saying she needed to go to work as well. She asked Ross why they have not gotten the test results back and he said "Sometimes these things take more time that planned, and there's really nothing we can do, except play the waiting game". He dropped Rachel off at the house, so she can take her car, and Ross went to the University, where he would be interviewing prospective professors, and Rachel had to go over the books, at her store and went into the back office, going over receipts and sales slips, but her mind was hardly on her work. The past few days were very stressful, and both Ross and Rachel were on edge.

Nancy came in, handing Rachel the phone, saying Emma's doctor was on the line. With shaky and unsteady hands, she takes the phone and says "Hello, this is Rachel Green". The doctor replied "This is Doctor Anderson, and I would like you to come to the office, so we can go over Emma's tests".

- To Be Continued -

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