It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

What If

Ross left the University, and quickly ran by the house to pick up Rachel, asking if they should stop by the school and pick up Emma. Rachel just shook her head, saying they will give her any news and information she needed, when she leaves school later. Ross just sighed, as he put the car in reverse, backed out of the driveway and headed for the doctor's office, neither one speaking the entire way. Rachel tightly clutches her favorite photo of Emma, silently praying all the way to the doctors.

They finally arrive, as Ross slowly pulls into a vacant parking space, turns off the engine as they just sit there, in silence. "I guess we should go inside", Rachel said, breaking the silence. Rachel opened the door to get out of the car, but Ross did not. "What is it", she asked as she got back in the car, and Ross turned to her and said "What if"... Rachel interrupted him, saying he needed to stay positive He sighed and said he was really trying to stay positive, and Rachel nodded, and said "I know you are, I know you are. And I know this has been so hard on you, as well".

Rachel paused, took a deep breath and with her voice cracking, and eyes watering she replied "And if we have to deal with 'what if', we're going to fight it, with everything we have". She smiled and said "And Emma is such a fighter and does not know the meaning of the word 'quit'. I remember how devastated she was, when she didn't make the softball team, and you told her that crying about it, won't make her a better player and she just needed to work and practice". She wiped her eyes and said "I'll make a deal with you. If there is even the remote possibility of 'what if', I won't say it, and you won't say it". Ross smiled, as they both got out of the car.

They enter the building and wait for the doctor, for what seems like forever, but in reality, it was only 15 minutes. The doctor enters the waiting room, and invites them back to his office, and closes the door as they all sit down. Ross and Rachel both sit down, eyeing the doctor as he opens a file and said "This must be some week, huh". Rachel sighed and said "Oh, that's an understatement". The doctor chuckled and said "I can only imagine, and I'm sorry it took longer than I thought, but we wanted to get a 2cd opinion, as we do... when results come back positive"

"What... what does that mean", Rachel asked, panicky. Ross turned to Rachel, took her hand, and with tears dripping down his face said "Honey... that mean she has cancer". Rachel turned to the doctor, angrily slammed her fist on the desk and said "You're wrong". The doctor was prepared for that kind of reaction, and he remained calm and simply said "Mrs Green, believe me when I say this is one time I wish I was wrong". Rachel started to sob as the doctor continued, "But if there is a bright side, I think we have caught it early enough where treatment will be effective".

Ross asked what kind of treatment and the doctor said there was a new experimental drug that just received approval for medical use, and said the treatment would be aggressive, but remained hopeful and optimistic that once the treatment was complete, Emma could go back to being a carefree young girl, again. He handed Rachel some literature about the drug, along with more traditional options. "Just how effective is this new drug", Ross asked and the doctor replied it was 93 effective against the kind of leukemia that Emma was diagnosed with. He said the drug would be administered with an IV and a typical treatment session lasted about 3 hours, and she will need to have it done twice a week.

"Where do we have to go", Rachel asked and the doctor replied that it could be given at his office, at a hospital, but he suggested that Emma may be more comfortable having the treatment at home, where everything would be familiar and may not be as frightening, and said that a nurse could show her how to dispense the medicine. "Does it have to be in an IV? She just hates the thought of needles", Rachel asked, and Ross shook his head, and Rachel glared and said "Excuse me, I'm asking the real doctor"

The doctor replied "Unfortunately your husband is correct, and this kind of medication must be with an IV, and the sooner we start the treatment, the better a full chance of recovery". He asked for them to come back, with Emma the next day, and they could start the treatments. They left the office and Rachel turned to Ross and said "Sweetie, I am so sorry for what I said. I am just so very scared, right now". Ross nodded, saying he understood. "So what do we do", Rachel asked and Ross sighed and replied there was nothing much they could do. He glanced at his watch and said "Emma is just about time to get out of school, so why don't we go and pick her up". Rachel asked if they should tell Emma, and Ross simply nodded and said "Yeah, I think we should"

- To Be Continued -

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