It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

Bad News

Ross and Rachel drove to Emma's school, and waited until they heard the bell ring, dismissing the students. They wait for about 15 minutes as the kids pour out, and they spot Emma, as Ross honks the horn and waves her over. She tosses her backpack in the trunk, as Rachel grabbed her tightly in a hug and whispered "Sweetie, we have bad news". Emma immediately knew what she meant, as her mom saw the fear in her eyes and said "Hey, we're going to beat this thing. I promise you, we will".

She asked Emma to wait in the car with her father, as she goes to talk to her teacher. Rachel went into the school, and headed for Emma's classroom, where the teacher was busy wiping down the blackboard. She set down the eraser and went to greet Rachel and said "It was so good to see Emma again". Rachel finally broke the news that Emma was to start a chemotherapy regiment in a few more days, and that she was diagnosed with leukemia.

"I am so very sorry to hear that", Ms. Young said, asking if she would like to inform the rest of the class, and Rachel just nodded. "Well", Rachel said, wiping the tears that were beginning to form, "We have to go see the doctor". Ms. Young said she would stop by twice a week, to bring Emma's school-work, so she could keep up with the rest of the kids. Rachel thanked her, and headed back to the car, as Emma was sitting in the front seat, talking with her father.

"I thought you told me everything would be fine", Emma protested to her mother. "And it will be... I promise", Rachel said, as she did what she could to remove any fear and doubt. "How do we fix it", Emma asked and her father cleared his throat and said it would be best if the doctor explain it, and that they were on their way to his office. "No, it won't be fine. You lied to me! You told me not to worry, and everything would be ok", Emma said. Her dad turned around, looked at Emma and said "Ok, that's enough. Your mom didn't lie to you. She only told you, what she thought you should hear".

"I am so sorry, Emma and I should not have told you that, and I should have been honest", her mom said as she gave her a hug. "Rachel, you don't have anything to apologize for", Ross said as he started the engine and drove to the doctor's office. "Mommy, I'm scared", Emma said as Rachel turned around and said "I know you are, honey and we all are". They arrive at the doctor's office as Dr. Anderson escorts them to his office, looks at Emma and said "You probably have some questions for me"

"What's going to happen", Emma asked and the doctor said in the next few days, she would start chemo treatment, and explained how it worked, and how it could make her feel sick. "Is there anything we could do to help alleviate the side effects", Rachel said as the doctor wrote out a prescription. "Do we have to", Emma said and the doctor simply nodded and said "I'm afraid so, sweetheart". The doctor explained that treatment usually lasted for about 6 weeks, and would be done twice each week, for about three hours.

The doctor ran down the list of possible side effects, such as nausea, loss of appetite, lack of energy, fatigue and hair loss. Emma started to cry when the doctor mentioned 'hair loss' as she was very proud of her golden hair. "That's just a possibility, Emma. Just because it happens to some, does not mean it happens to everybody", the doctor said. The doctor instructed Ross and Rachel to make her eat, even if she does not want to, in order to keep her strength up.

"When do we start", Rachel asked and the doctor asked where they would like to have it done. Ross and Rachel talk amongst themselves for a few moments, and then decided the treatments will be administered at their house, where Emma may be more comfortable. The doctor nodded, saying he will send a nurse to get everything set up, and said they will start the first round, the following week.

- To Be Continued -

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