It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

The One With The Phone Call

The darkness gave way to a yellowish haze, as the first rays of morning light slowly filled the bedroom. Neither Ross nor Rachel slept that much during the night, as they took turns keeping vigil over Emma. She got sick again, during the middle of the night, soiling the bedspread, as she tried to apologize but her mother would not let her, and kept trying to reassure her, that it was not her fault. They carried her to the bathroom, to rise her mouth, as Rachel helped her brush her teeth to 'get rid of the icky taste'. Then they gently placed Emma on the sofa, as Rachel quickly washed and dried the bedspread, before putting it back on the bed, and taking Emma back to the bedroom

'Hey there sleepyhead', Rachel said as Emma slowly woke up. She asked Emma if she felt like eating anything, but she just sleepily mumbled that she was not hungry. 'You really need to try and eat something... anything, Brat. What about oatmeal? You like oatmeal, remember'. Emma lightly shook her head, as her mom sighed and said 'Just two bites. That's all you have to eat. Will you do it for me, please'. The phone rang, before Emma could say anything or protest, as her mom flashed her a smile saying she was going to answer the phone, and fix Emma some oatmeal

'Hello', Rachel answered as she picked up the phone receiver. 'Hey, I just wondered how everything went', Monica asked as Rachel said 'The doctor, nurse, and everybody else tried to prepare us, and told us what to expect... but we didn't expect this'. Rachel tried to battle her emotions, to keep from totally breaking down and said 'Emma was sick all night long, and she's not eating at all. We're really worried about her'. There was a pause and Monica said 'She has just been thru so much, in the past day, and she must be to the point of pure exhaustion'.

'I know, Mon. But she still needs to eat something, to keep her strength up. She can't even walk to the bathroom on her own', she said as Monica sniffed back some tears and said 'The offer still stands, Rach. I would love to be there for you guys and help out. I promise that I won't be all 'Monica' and won't be in the way. I just want to be there for you, like you have always been there for me'. Monica said if they wanted, they could all take turns, and have her one week, Chandler one week, and Phoebe one week. 'We're all in this thing, together', Monica said,

By that time, Rachel could no longer stop her emotions, and broke down sobbing. 'Shhh, it'll be ok, sweetie', Monica comforted, saying she could be there in another 5 or 6 hours, saying they didn't need to take this burden on, by themselves. Rachel quickly tried to regain her composure, thanking Monica for the offer, knowing deep inside that was right, as usual. They said goodbye, and Rachel heads to the kitchen to fix some cinnamon oatmeal, which was Emma's favorite . She lets it cool on the counter, for a few minutes, before taking it to Emma

'Sweetie, do you think you can eat just a little', Rachel said as she dipped the spoon in the cereal, filling it half-full. She brought the spoon up to Emma's lips, but she just turned her head. Rachel was getting desperate, and pled with her to eat. Once again, she brought the spoon to Emma's lips, as she took a bite. Rachel was able to get her to eat 3 more bites, before Emma said she couldn't eat, any more. 'Ok, sweetie', Rachel said as she took the bowl, placing it in the refrigerator, in case Emma wanted more, later on.

Rachel came back to the bedroom, saying Monica was on her way over, to help out with everything, and should be here in a few more hours. Rachel went back to the kitchen, and poured a small glass of water, and Emma was able to drink half of it, as Rachel sat the cup on the dresser, as she laid down next to her daughter. The phone rang again, and Ross went to answer it, and about 10 minutes later, handed the phone to Emma, with a huge smile on his face

'Hello', Emma weakly said, thinking it was one of her friends. 'Hey, how are you feeling', her mouth dropped, and told her mom 'It's Bon Jovi'. Her mom shot her a funny look, thinking it was a joke and Emma returned to the phone and said 'Hi, Mr. Bon Jovi'. He laughed and said 'Just call me Jon'. Rachel look at Ross and whispered in his hear 'She's not kidding, is she'. Ross simply smiled and shook his head, as Emma continued to talk on the phone.

Rachel motioned for Ross, and they stepped out of the room, as Rachel asked why Bon Jovi would be calling. 'Well', Ross began, 'I sent a CD to his PR manager, hoping he would autograph it for Emma, explaining we missed his Boston concert, any why...but I never thought he would call, personally'. Rachel rolled her eyes and said 'This is just a publicity stunt. He makes a phone call, and next week, he's all over the news'. Ross frowned and said 'I don't care. I don't care what his ulterior motive may be. Just look how happy Emma is'

'I'm sorry you missed the show a few weeks ago' Bon Jovi said, 'But we're coming to Rhode Island in about 6 more months, and would love you to go, as my guest'. Emma's eyes nearly popped out of her socket and said 'Really'. There was laughter on the other end of the line and he said 'Really. But I want you to be healthy. So you continue to do what your doctor and parents tell you...because I really want you to be able to get on stage with us, and help us out with a few songs'. They talk for a few more minutes, before saying goodbye.

'Well', her dad asked, as Emma said Bon Jovi wanted her to go to the show, in 6 more months, and even wanted her to be on stage. 'That's so great, Emma'. The conversation made Emma somewhat tired, as Rachel asked if she could get her anything, and if she wanted more oatmeal. She nodded as Rachel smiled a huge smile, and went to heat up the oatmeal. Emma was able to eat a few more bites, as she drifted back to sleep.

- To Be Continued -

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