It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

A Reason To Celebrate

It was six months later, and Emma was finally done with her chemotherapy treatment, and her appetite and strength were slowly returning, and could now eat a whole sandwich without getting sick. Emma went back to the doctor the week prior and was given the news Ross and Rachel were desperately looking for... the chemotherapy treatments seemed to have worked better than expected, and the cancer cells were quickly fading away, and in a few more months, she would be in remission

To say Ross and Rachel were thrilled and overjoyed would be an understatement, as there was not a word to define how they were feeling. Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe all took turns staying with them so Ross and Rachel could go to work, and they also hired a private tutor come to the house, twice a week, to assist Emma with her schoolwork. Ross and Rachel spent every free second trying to read and learn about the disease, so they could fight it. Ross would spend hours at the library after a lecture, reading and checking out books to bring back home.

When everything started, they had a sense of hopelessness, and everything seemed so very overwhelming, now looking back, everything they have done was worth it. Their daughter was on the road to recovery and they could not be happier. 'We should have a party', Rachel suggested to Ross who naturally agreed. Also Rachel had received some other good news, that Terry had contacted some private investors and planned to rebuild Central Perk and the groundbreaking would begin, in the spring.

Now their house is filled with friends, laughter and food as Mike was talking about his recent business trip to California, Monica and Phoebe were helping in the kitchen, Ross and Chandler were talking amongst themselves, Rachel was entertaining Emma, Erica, and Jack with a board game, and Joey was making himself a 3rd plate of food. Any second now the doorbell would ring, and the anticipation was driving Emma insane. 'Mommy, is he here yet', she asked and Rachel smiled, saying she would just have to be patient.

About 30 minutes later the doorbell was ringing and Emma was jumping up and down in excitement, as her mother told her to calm down as Chandler went to answer the door and a few seconds, Jon Bon Jovi steps into the living room, asking which one Emma was. Emma had the biggest smile on her face, but was unable to speak and her mom chuckled, resting her hand on her shoulder, saying this was Emma.

The rock legend smiled and said, 'I have something for you', and pulled out an autographed copy of a CD and handed it to her and she meekly thanked him. 'Have a good time, sweetie' Ross said and Bon Jovi said 'Nah.. all of you are coming, as my guest', as everybody followed him outside to a waiting stretched limousine as they all got inside and drove to the stadium where the concert was being held, talking with each other.

As they stepped out, Bon Jovi's manager handed them backstage passes, inviting them to stay for the after-show party, as security showed them to their seats, which were right on the front row, and during the show, Bon Jovi introduced Emma and helped her on the stage as she danced while he sang, to a standing ovation. After the concert, they headed backstage as security asked to see their passes, and then stepped aside, allowing them to proceed. They arrive at the backstage room, where Bon Jovi was going over the show with his manager and other members of the band and Ross poked his head in the door and said 'Is this cool'?

'Totally, come on in, you guys', he responded as everybody filed inside. He asked Emma if she was having a good time, and she nodded. They stayed for about an hour, before thanking him for a great time, as Bon Jovi instructed the limo driver to take them back to their house. No sooner did Emma sit down, she was fast asleep, resting her head on her mother's lap, as Ross gently nudged her awake, when they got back home. Rachel picked up her daughter, carrying her upstairs to her bedroom, tucking her in.

'I wanna play some more with Erica and Jack', she said in between yawns, as her mom said 'Well, they're getting ready for bed too. We all are, but they'll be here until tomorrow afternoon. So shut your eyes and get some rest'. She kissed her daughter on the cheek, before quietly heading back downstairs

- To Be Continued -

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