It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

Life's Not Fair

It was 9pm and Emma was starting to cough in her sleep and Rachel gently woke her up, to give her some medicine. Emma hated taking medicine as it tasted "icky", and it took some coaxing from her mom, to get her to take it.

Rachel handed her a glass of juice and sat on her bed and Emma said "We were going to the wax museum", referring to a class field trip the next day. She was looking forward to it all week long. "I know sweetie", Rachel said as she gently brushed a strand of hair away from her face.

"It's not fair", Emma whined.

"Well honey, I think you're old enough to know a little secret... life's not always fair" her mom said as she set the empty glass on her nightstand and laid down by her. "But I wanna go", she pouted.

"If you're sick, you need to stay home and besides you don't want to get your friends and classmates sick, do you? That wouldn't be fair to them". Emma asked if she could go if she was feeling better in the morning.

"Let's wait until then and see how you feel" Rachel said, "And the best way you can get well is to drink a lot of juice and get some sleep". Rachel heard the downstairs door open, as she picked up the glass and went downstairs and hugged her husband and got some more juice for Emma.

"I got the tickets to Bon Jovi", Ross said with excitement, "Chandler and I saw him during our freshmen year and now we get to take Emma to her first concert. She is going to be so excited and I cannot tell you how hard it was to get these seats..."

Rachel interrupted, telling Ross that she had to pick up Emma today because she was sick. "Is she ok", Ross asked. Rachel said that she had a fever of 101 and was sleeping right now. "Poor kid", Ross said. Rachel said that if Emma wasn't doing any better, she would take her to the doctor.

"Good luck with that. You know how she hates going to the doctor... I don't know why. After all, I'm a doctor". Rachel smirked and said "Yeah, uh sweetie... let's just keep that between us". Ross glared and went to the refrigerator and fixed a sandwich with left over turkey and quietly went to check on Emma.

Ross and Rachel quietly entered Emma's room as Rachel handed her some more juice, as Ross hugs his daughter and kisses her cheek. "I hear you're not feeling very well today", her dad said. "Yeah, but I'll be good tomorrow. We're going on a field trip", she said with a smile.

Rachel said she needed to get some rest as they turn on her nightlight and softly close the door as they leave. "She's been looking forward to going top the wax museum all week long", Ross said as he sat at the table, eating the sandwich.

"Yeah I know", Rachel said as she poured some coffee, "But I told Emma that life is not always fair". Ross looked at her and said "She's only 6. She doesn't understand that concept".

Rachel said that even though she felt bad for Emma, she needed to learn that life does not happen exactly as you would like it to. They eat and go and check on Emma and see that she is soundly sleeping. They stand there for a few minutes watching her sleep, before going to bed themselves.

Early in the morning Rachel could hear Emma start to cough again and went to get some more medicine and slept with her the rest of the night.

About 4am and there was a loud boom of thunder as Rachel thought to herself "Man, that was close". She looked at her daughter who was sound asleep and she went back to her bedroom to find Ross hiding under the sheets. He peeked out of sheets, but a flash of lightning drove him back under the sheets.

"Ross", Rachel said, amused that a grown man was scared of storms, "It's only lightning and thunder".

Ross replied "Do you know how many people are struck by lightning each year"? Rachel asked when was the last time Ross was hit by lightning and he said "If I can help it, there never will be a FIRST time".

Rachel laughed and said "Poor baby. Do you want me to sleep with you tonight and keep you safe from the mean old thunder and lightening"?

The sun was beginning to rise and Rachel got up and dressed and went to check on Emma. She woke her up to take her temperature and looked at the reading and said "I'm sorry sweetie, you still have a fever".

Emma said "So I can't go with the class today"? Rachel shook her head and said "I'm sorry, sweetie. But when you're well and feeling better, dad and I will take you. But today, I'm afraid we're going on another trip. Here in a while, I have to take you to the doctor".

"I'm all better now", Emma said. Rachel chuckled and said "I'm sorry, baby and I wish you were. But the doctor will help you get well again. Go back to sleep and I'll wake you when it's time for us to go".

Rachel went back downstairs and called Nancy, asking her to open the store and then called Emma's doctor to set an appointment. Ross had to give a lecture and kissed Rachel and his daughter, telling Emma that he will call her in the afternoon.

About 2 hours passed and Emma was laying down on the sofa in the living room watching cartoons when the telephone rang and Rachel spoke for a few minutes and then hung up the phone, telling Emma it was time to go to the doctor

- To Be Continued -

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