It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

Breaking The News

Author's Note: I am not a doctor, and most of my research on leukemia comes from the web. If something is incorrect or inconsistent, I do apologize.

It was later on in the evening as the sun was slowly setting, as everybody was making their way from the city back to West Chester. Monica, Chandler, and Emma was in Monica's car as Ross, Rachel were in their car, and Phoebe and the twins were in her taxi. "C'mon", Chandler said as they get out, and he gives her a piggy-back ride from the car to the house. They go inside as Emma asked "Is Mommy ok? I saw her crying today" Monica tried to stall, asking her to help bake some cookies, trying to pretend that she didn't hear the question.

Ross and Rachel pull up, a few minutes later and just sit inside the car. "Are you sure", Rachel asked Ross who sighed and said "No, I'm not. I just know this is too big to keep to ourselves, plus she's a very bright kid. Already she knows something is not quite right". Rachel nodded as they gather some bags and packages they purchased while in Manhattan and go inside, and go to the living room. Phoebe takes the twins for ice cream, while Ross and Rachel break the news to Emma

They all gather in the living room, as Emma climbs up on the sofa, next to her mom and dad, as Rachel clears her throat and said "Uh, sweetie, we kind of need to talk". Emma replied, "Is this because of the food fight at the cafeteria, in school? Because I didn't start it". Rachel chuckled lightly and said "No sweetie... but we're going to talk about that, later". She paused and said "Do you remember when you were at the doctor's office the other day, and he took some blood and you asked me why, and I said he needed to run some tests"

Emma nodded as Rachel started to cry and went to the other room as Monica gently asked if she wanted her to tell Emma and Ross nodded, saying he couldn't do it either. Ross went to the other room with Rachel and Monica said "Come here", as Emma climbed up in her lap and Monica said "Honey, have you ever heard of a disease called leukemia". Emma shook her head as Monica explained, "Well, what it is, it's a disease of the blood... it's a type of cancer, honey. Do you know what cancer is".

Emma said "I've heard of it". And Monica explained that cancer was a disease in which bad blood cells attacked the good blood cells. "Do I have that", Emma asked and Monica said "Sweetie, the doctor said the blood test came back, showing that you do. So on Tuesday, we're taking you to a hospital, to be tested, because we have to know for sure". Monica and Chandler tried to explain it, in the simplest possible terminology, one that a 6 yr old could relate to.

Rachel had come out of the bedroom, hugged Emma tightly and said "Honey, if you do have this, we're going to fight this thing, ok? I don't want you to worry about this". Monica said there was no sense in worrying, until they new for sure that there was something to worry about. "Absolutely", Rachel said, forcing a smile. "So we're not even going to think about this, right"? Emma cracked a smile and said "Think about what"?

"Ya know, it's late and way past your bedtime", Rachel said as Emma hugged everybody goodnight and went to bed. "That's one brave kid you have there", Chandler commented and Rachel nodded and said "I wish I could say the same for me and Ross. We're both nervous wrecks". Phoebe and the twins came back from having ice cream, as Phoebe explained to them as well, what was going on. "Is Emma going to be ok", Jack asked

"Of course she is", Monica said full of confidence. "Exactly right", Chandler agreed, "We're not going to worry, until we have something to worry about". Erica asked if they could see Emma and Rachel replied "Oh, honey, she's already asleep. You guys can see her in the morning, ok". Chandler said it was passed their bedtime too, as he and Monica tucked the kids in bed. "You guys are handling this just great, and I know with all of our love, prayers, and thoughts, Emma will come out of this fine". Rachel hugs Phoebe, thanking her

- To Be Continued -
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