It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

Late Night Discussions

It was a little passed 2am, when Rachel woke up and saw that Emma was not in bed. She got up, quietly walked to the living room to find her standing at the window, watching the distant lights of the city as it illuminated the night sky. "How far is New York from here", she asked, aware that her mother was standing right behind her. "Maybe 50 miles...maybe a little bit further". Emma turned around and asked "Mommy, am I going to die"

"Of course not, sweetie. Where did you hear this", her mother said as she tightly wrapped her arms around her daughter. Emma replied that she got on-line, using the computer that was in the living room. "Honey, you know better than to use somebody else's computer, without asking. But you are not going to die, sweetie. I promise" Emma said "But on the internet, it said..." Her mom interrupted and said "I know what it said, but you are not them, ok? Everything will be just fine, and you have to trust me on this one"

They both sit down on the sofa and Rachel said "It's ok to be scared, you know." Emma just nodded as her mom hugged her. "Can we watch TV", she asked and her mom replied "No it's late, but if we're real quiet, we can turn on the radio". Emma turned the radio on low and sat back down on the sofa, as Phil Collins was playing on the radio. "I always liked his music", Rachel said with a smile. Emma curled up and soon fell asleep, on her mom's lap. Rachel stayed there with her for a little while longer, before suggesting they go back to bed. She turned off the radio and carried Emma to the bedroom, as they both went back to sleep.

The next day, Rachel called the hospital, who said that a room was already waiting for Emma and told Rachel not to let her have anything to eat or drink 12 hours before the procedure. They were going to take her to the hospital the next day, to get everything ready. They spent the rest of the day, pigging out like it was Thanksgiving, watching TV, movies, anything Emma wanted to watch.. Emma was going to be admitted to the hospital at 4pm the next day.

It was about 5pm when there was a knock on the door, and Monica went to answer it, and returned to the living room with Joey. Rachel ran over to him, hugging him, saying how great it was to see him, and how great it was that everybody was together again. "Heya brat", he said as he hugged Emma. "You know what", Monica said, "Why don't we go to that new Chinese restaurant". They all pile into their cars and follow Monica and Chandler to the restaurant.

"Mommy, what's this", Emma asked as she pointed to her plate at a little ball of rice, with some pink stuff in the middle, and wrapped in sea-weed. "That's fish sweetie" she said and Emma said "Ok, I like fish". Ross chuckled and said "Emma, that's sushi". Emma looked at her dad and said "What kind of fish is that". Joey said it was raw fish, and Emma dropped it from her hand. Rachel chuckled as she took Emma to the buffet line, to get some other food

They eat and talk and as they leave, Joey said he would be right back. "Where are you going", Monica asked and Joey said he wanted to put his stuff in the hotel room. "Hotel Room", Chandler said, "Dude you're not staying at any hotel, you're staying with us". Joey thanked them, but said they wouldn't have space for all of them. "Then we'll make space", Monica said. They all head back to the house as they talk until the early morning hours, after all of the kids were already in bed.

"So, what time is this going to happen", Joey asked and Rachel said it would start at 8am on Tuesday, but they were going to the hospital the night before. "Would it be ok if we were there", Phoebe asked and Rachel said "That would be great, because we are going to need all the friends and support we can get". They talk for a few hours more, catching up on old times, before Ross and Rachel go to the guest room, Monica and Chandler go to their room, and Phoebe goes to sleep on the sofa, as Joey grabs some blankets from the closet and makes a bed on the floor

- To Be Continued -
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