Dean Winchester love story in high school


Mary fernekees meets Dean Winchester in high school and falls in love with him! But will he fall in love with her? Mary finds out Deans family secret Wil it ruin her love for him or make it stronger?

Romance / Horror
Cole Johnson
3.5 2 reviews
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The cutest guy I've ever seen

"There is a new student" said my teacher. " his name is Dean Winchester. "
I looked up from my book and saw HIM. He had amazing green eyes. His hair was brown and spiked up in the front. He was SO cute!
The teacher pointed to the empty seat next to me and said. " you will be sitting here Dean. "
OMG!! He's sitting next to me!
He sat down and turned to me. " my name's Dean Winchester what's yours? " he put out his hand.
" mary " I said. I shook his hand. His hands were really warm. I noticed that he doesn't dress like most of the boys at my school. Most of the boys at my school wear shorts all year round or sweat pants. But not Dean Winchester! He is wearing jeans with a hole in one of the knees. A grey tee shirt, a red and black flannel shirt, a brown distressed leather jacket and brown work boots.
" Nice name " he replied while nodding his head. " that was my mom's name. She died when I was 4 "
"Oh, sorry for your loss" I said.
"Its ok, I'm fine" he said " oh, and nice shirt " he pointed to my AC/DC shirt. " it's my favorite band! "
" me too! " I said.
" awesome! " he said.
Oh God I hope dean likes me! Because if he does I would LOVE to date him. *Ring!!*
" Oh that's the bell" said Dean. " time to go. " he stood up and grabbed his back pack. His back pack was black and it had a white anti possession patch on it.
" What do you have next? " he asked
" lunch" I said.
" me too! " he said " can you show me where the cafeteria is? "
"Of course!" I said.
WOW today is getting better and better!😍

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