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A harmoine story


A Harry Potter fanfic of Harry and Hermoine. It isn’t for kids. 13 or above

Romance / Other
Jennifer Harbaugh
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Our little secrets

Chapter 1:Who is it?
“You bitch!”Ron shouted.He is too mad to care about what he is saying,”You little whore.Slut.”I won’t listen to this,”Shut up Ronald.I just wanna break up with you,it’s not the end of the world!Ron won’t understand.I feel like I’m being suffocated.He irks me.He nitpicks things like how I comb my hair or how I don’t kiss him every hour.Like is he still a kid?I just wanna leave all this and go live in France for a few years.At least that’s would be peaceful and I could cut contact with them.Yes that’s the only way.I looked at Ron and froze him just like I did to Neville a few years back.I quickly got my clothes together and put them in a bag.I put everything I had of value in it.As I was about to leave,Fred came in.He looked at Ron and then at me,”You’re finally escaping, huh?”I looked at him sadly,”Fred what can I do?”I don’t have a choice.”Fred just frowned and sighed,”It is okay mione.I don’t blame you but are you going to come back to us or not?”I felt a few tears coming down my cheeks and hugged him,”I’m so sorry but I can’t.Youll be better off without me.”The door opened to reveal a seething Harry looking like he could kill.I’ve never seen him this angry.He pulled me to him,”The hell are you thinking!Of all the things you could do,you think of running away!”I couldn’t look at him,”I can’t think of a better idea,Harry.It is for the best.”He got even more angry and nearly screamed,”For the best!You are running away mione.You are doing this for what?Tell me!”I can’t believe how angry he is.I just looked at him and said,”Believe me.I think it will help-“Harry wasn’t listening,He withdrew his hands and said,”You are acting like the mud blood Draco said you were.I can’t agree with him more.”I couldn’t believe it.The Guy I loved my whole life just did that to me.Well I’m done.Fred looked at him and said,”Di you know what you just said you little jerk?!”A look of horror passed Harry’s face and before he could say anything I took my suitcase and disapperated.Before leaving I just said,”I loved you but I have had enough now”His face was one of pure agony and sadness.
Here is to a new life and the loss of my only love.May Merlin help me!

Hey guys
Tell me what you think about this!Also this is my first time writing so any advice is helpful.Thanks for reading
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