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A harmoine story

Chapter 2

Ah!I’m finally here again.Je suis triste.I walk down the streets to my little cottage that I had bought a few years back.I thought it would be the perfect summer home.Turns out it will be my home from now on.I walked in and everything was neat and tidy.I sat on the couch and let the tears fall.


I lost her.Why am I so idiotic!?I just let her go.I can’t feel anything except pain.Fred is here but he is trying to unfreeze Ronald,the little git.I heard him shouting,how dare he talk like that!I laugh out loud without humour.Great work Potter!You just lost the love of your life!Congratulations!Ginny come in and mood sours up even more.She has been talking shit about mione since we started dating.She looks around smiles and says,”Yes!Is that pathetic mud blood finally gone?”I looked at her and I couldn’t believe what she said.I have had enough,”Shut up.She isn’t pathetic.You,on the other hand,are a waste of magic!”with that I left their little pigsty to go home.Home.Pathetic.I went into the small study room and just started throwing stuff around to calm myself.I saw a small picture of me and mione and I remembered that she bought a house in France some time ago.

I won’t let her go so easily.I appareted to the cottage and found her crying on the couch.She didn’t notice me but I could hear her words,“Why me?Why did I have to fall for him?Why was I so stupid?”Her words made my heart pain.I ran to her and hugged her,“Oh mione!I’m so sorry.Its all my fault.I blew up on you.You have no idea how powerless I felt when you left.It was like someone ripped my heart out.Please don’t cry love.”

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