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Broken Without You


This fan fiction novel is about two famous TikTokers who fell in love behind everything. Charli and Dixie two famous TikTokers who are sisters go to visit the hype house in LA. Charli meets this boy Chase and they become best friends. They both like each other more than a friend, but they don’t know it. As each day goes by there relationship grows and grows stronger. When Charli turns 16 her and Dixie were planning on moving to LA, but then Charli gets offered to work at her dream job. In order to work there, she has to move to Canada. She tells Chase but he tells her he can’t come. Will she choose to go and work at her dream job? Or will she choose to stay with her only lover?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Hey guys it’s the author! Just pretend in this book that Charli and Dixie don’t have TikTok yet. You will see how they got invited to the hype house without having TikTok in the story. Please leave me reviews and ideas for the next chapter! Enjoy! Also sorry for my bad grammar and punctuation.

Charli POV

It was 6:00 in the morning and I felt someone shaking me “Charli wake up we’re going to LA remember? Did you forget to set your alarm? We have to leave in 30 minutes! I thought you were already up!” It was Dixie. I totally forgot! We were going to the hype house for the first time today. Thomas invited me and Dixie to be a part of the hype house. He is one of me and Dixie’s friends from middle school. He invited me because he knows I love to dance and he thinks I’m good at it too. I could get a lot of hype. I am so exited to meet everyone, but at the same time I am very nervous. What if they don’t like me? “Come on! Get up!” “Ok!” I said and I get up and get ready. “Dixie?” I asked “Yea?” “What if they don’t like me?” I asked “Charli they will love you!” “Sorry I’m just nervous” i said “it’s ok I am too, but look on the bright side! We will have so much fun!” “Yea” i said. I get ready and pack the rest of my stuff. I grab my luggage and a granola bar and say bye to my parents. Me and Dixie call an Uber and drive to the airport. We get on the plane and me and Dixie go to sleep.

Five and a half hours later

We wake up and look out our window and realize we are here! We have made it to LA! Me and Dixie are so exited. We can’t wait to meet everyone.


Me: we have just arrived!

Thomas: great! we just got here.

Me: ok thanks!

Thomas: no problem. can’t wait!

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