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Vampire || Jimin ff


His hazel brown eyes changed to the familiar red colour. And his thangs barely peeking out, blocked my his plump and tinted lips, not keeping his eyes off me. He walked towards me, and stopped right in front of me, ours lips only inches apart. “y/n...” his voice husky and deep, ‘even his voice turned me on.’. The mixture of his touches and the smell of cologne was the only thing I could think of. Until a voice woke me up from my thoughts “Your mine.....” “A-ahh~”

Romance / Horror
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•New student•

“Help, help me!” I screamed, with the shadow trailing behind me. “What do you want?!” I shouted, as I felt warm tears running down my cheeks.

I went deeper and deeper into the forest. When I was stopped by a dead end, ‘how did I even get here?’ I looked around and and realised that I wasn’t in the forest anymore. I was in an alley. “Sweetheart...” I looked back and saw a silhouette of a man. It was too dark to see him, but I could see his eyes clearly, his eyes were brighter than the sun, and pupils as red as cherries. “Please tell me, what do you want from me?! I’ll give you anything.....just please leave me alone” my voice cracked at the last sentence, and I could feel a lump in my throat. “Well what I want is.... Y/N WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOU ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!”

my eyes shot open, as I felt coldness fill my body “AHHHHHH....MIN YOONGI IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!” He ran down stairs, in the speed of light.

I sighed. Thanks to that motherfucker, my bed, floor, pillows, blanket, including myself, was soaked in water. I went to my bathroom to take a shower.

As the hot water made contact with my skin, I instantly felt shivers running through my spine. I was enjoying my shower until I remembered the dream I just had, ‘ it’s the fifth time this week...’ I thought to myself, as I took my clothes that I had picked out for the day.


“Detention” I sighed, and took my seat at my usual spot. I heard chuckles, I looked at my right, to find a laughing Momo. Momo was my best friend since third grade, she was always there to defend me from bullies, so we were together quite frequently. I wasn’t really the strongest or the most social human you could encounter. I had a couple of friends before I met Momo, but turned out they were all a bunch of fakes.

“Why are you late? It’s not like you” i groaned as I remembered what happened earlier today. “Yoongi threw water on me when I didn’t wake up, so I had to take a shower. And because of that idiot I didn’t get breakfast, and I didn’t catch my bus, so I had to run all the way to school, and now I’m starving” I pouted, and momo started laughing again.

“Quiet miss Hirai.” And she medially went silent. “ As I was saying, we have a new student today, he’s a transfer from Busan high school of arts, you can come in now” he gestured for the student to come in. As the student walked in, I got butterflies in my stomach. And I’m not gonna lie, he was handsome as fuck. He had a dancers body for sure, long blond bangs slightly covering his hazel brown eyes, he wasn’t very tall around 5.7, but I wasn’t that tall myself. He looks adorable, but also giving me bad boy vibes. I wasn’t usually attracted to boys so suddenly, but damn. He was something...

•end of chapter•
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