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shay: Feeling strange in my own skin. I take a deep breath and look in the mirror but i don't recognize the shadow staring at me. It's pretty . No ! sorry. She is pretty. But who's she ! Who am i ?... Clyde : I have no friends but dozens of enemies. My life is simple. Kill and Fuck. Some people think that I'm a monster others call me a psychopath but I'm both. Or none. No one knows the real me only Me. And i don't care much to Know anyone unless they are in my bed or with a bullet in thier head. Well even then i still don't give a Fuck. Untill Her. Untill I found this little creature. She is an angel. Or is she a demon ? I want to know, and i will soon. When she opens her eyes.

Erotica / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Bright lights,warm bed and pain. Pain ! I try to push my senses to find where this pain is coming from. But i can't. It's everywhere. I feel it in every bone. I try to take a deep breath but i end up screaming my lungs out. What i thought was nothing comparing to what i feel now . It like a million knifes are cutting me to peaces. Suddenly i hear a door cracking open. I try to open my eyes but they wouldn't submit. What the fuck is going on. I'm surrounded by pure darkness. Wait ! I'm blindfolded !? I forgot all about the pain and gathered some courage that i don't know where is it coming from to push myself up. Well at least i tried. It's then,when i hear a beautiful sound. No! it's a voice. A beautiful voice with a trace of huskines and a hint of power and confidence. It was low. That kind of voices that hold fierness more than any scream could ever have . " If i were you i wouldn't try to move " he said calmly and i froze. I don't know if it was due to the authority in his voice or the fear and panic that took over me . Suddenly i felt something pressing against my lips, what the Hell ! I snapped and started pushing and shaking till i felt a cold liquid poured all over me. Then silence . That silence that freaks you out. The silence of a horror movie . I heard that Voice again " relax ". He said one word and i didn't know if it was a plea or a command but i did Obey anyway . Few seconds past, then i felt a warm and soft tissue rubbing my legs and arms,finally my face and a finger brushed my lower lip. I hold my breath not knowing what to do or say. The voice came again " you need to drink ", and then i felt something pressing against my lips, again. Before I get the chance to think about it, he said firmly " drop it again and I will make sure you die thirsty". My heart skipped a beat and a tear rolled down my cheek. What the hell did it come from ? We kept quiet none of us could break the silence, well I know i couldn't because i was scared to death. He pressed that object,that I know by now that it's a glass of water, harder on my lips and i couldn't resist so i just opened my mouth. It's then when i realised that i was so damn thursty that even water hurt my throat so i tried to gulp it all at once but he cut me by saying a single word "easy". i felt like I'm a bit alive than i was seconds ago, i left my hands and tried to pull the blindfold away. Before i could reach it a harch hand grabbed my wrists and pushed them away. I couldn't resist because i knew i wouldn't like the consequences. Even that this man barely said anything, i can't disobey him. I understood by now he is not the type of men who takes No for an answer . I put my hands in my lap nervously playing with my fingers . The sound of steps , confident steps, came from nowhere and broke the silence and i heard the door pulled open, " get some rest" he whispered before shutting the door closed. What the Fuck just happened. Who is this man ? And why am i here ? Where is it HERE anyway !! I have no idea . But what i know is that i need to survive if i want to find the answers,and this man is the key.

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