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"Wolves mate for life. I love you Youko Kurama." "I love you Moriko Chie. I will come and find you, be sure of it," He calls to her body, the blood falling with her angering him.

Adventure / Romance
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alrighty.. this has been in my head for some time.. so here we go! i own my characters and ideas

Part 1

It was a bright day in demon world. In the forest was a clearing, and in that clearing was a gathering of plants, and inside this small den laid two demons. One was male, a fox, and in his strong arms, a female, a wolf. They laid on their bed of leaves, staring into the sky. He pulls her closer, resting his head on hers. His fingers interlaced with hers, careful not to dig his claws into her. Their bare feet dangled, staying close to one another as they laid there. He nuzzles his face behind her ear, and then looks down at his beloved. He brings a hand down to where her belly begins to swell. He smiles, his young bringing pride to him.

She lets out a small and content sigh, closing her eyes for a few moments. He brings his hand lower, and nips at her ear playfully. They kiss, and then they make love, happy their enclosure shields them away from any possible onlookers. Today was a quiet day, a day of resting. No bandits, just the two of them and their time. The passion in their love hadn't died in centuries, and it would continue to burn for the rest of their lives. She had refrained from their raids at his insistence, the young being more important. He too would stop and raise his family, continue on his legacy at a later year.

"Youko," she speaks, a sound he would never tire of, "the demon hunters are becoming more serious. I fear for our young, they are intent on capturing the both of us."

"Not to worry beloved, I will not let any harm come to you or our young," he responds in that soothing voice that never ceases to calm her. "Is the vision troubling you?"

"Yes. There was no other alternative to it, unlike the others, this one seemed absolute," she put a hand to her womb, where their creatures were growing.

He put his hand on top of hers, giving it a reasuring squeeze, "I will not let such events take place."

She turns to face him, her tawny eyes meeting his golden ones. He is sincere, and even a bit fierce. She rubs her cheek against his, happy that life granted her such a wonderful gift. They kiss once more, letting their emotions run away with them. He rolls to be on top of her, minding her womb.

"Maybe you should not spend so much time dwelling on it," he suggests to her.

She smiles, "What is time to a wolf?"

He smirks, "I meant, do not let such thoughts cloud your mind beloved. Even if that is to happen, I will come for you. I just hope that you will do the same for me," he speaks to her, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Wolves mate for life, never forget that Youko."

"I love you my ookami."

"And I love you my precious kitsune."

She pulls him down for a kiss, and they make love in their den once more.

"Youko!" she cries as they run from his latest raid. He looks in her direction, and sees her face full of fear. He sees red stained on her clothes from her side, close to where their young was growing.

"What is it koishii? What happened?" he asks, anger forming inside of him.

"They're coming Youko! We have to get out of here!" she looks behind her, voice full of panic. He looks in the same direction and a growl escapes his throat. The demon hunter was on their tails. He throws the artifact in his hands away, grabs her hand and they dash forward. This hunter however, is prepared and fire's another shot at them.

"Shit, he's fast!" he exclaims, picking up the pace. They run for their lives, dodging shots that try to claim them. Their spirit forms take over, a silver fox and a white wolf. They continue to run, counting on the hunter to get tired while the two of them could run for days. They are not so fortunate however, the hunter increases his pace.

"Our only chance is to escape into the world of the living," his beloved ookami tells him. He knows this, but does not wish for her vision to be complete. They continue to run, not growing weary or fatigued in the slightest. The hunter then fire's three shots in a row, the first missing, the the other two hitting the both of them. She was already injured, and now he saw that her womb was hurt. His side was also hit.

"Come, we must hurry!" he urges her. They run, narrowly escaping the hunter's next attack. They are weak, and cannot sustain life the way they are.

"You know what must be done Youko. We must rest," she tells him, as they start to fall in opposite directions.

"Do not forget me beloved," he tells her, seeing his target clearly.

"Wolves mate for life. I love you, Youko Kurama."

"I love you Moriko Chie. I will come and find you, be sure of it," he calls to her body, the blood falling with her angering him. He sees the pregnant human, resting his spirit inside the unborn child. He does not know the fate of his beloved, nor how long it will take to find her again, but he will search to the ends of this world and the next, until she is found.


Shuuichi Minamino awoke from his dream in a cold sweat. This wasn't the first time that this dream had come to him, it started when he was aware of the presence, Youko Kurama, inside his body. Youko Kurama was a demon fox from demon world, escaped to the human world to save himself from dying. He was a legendary bandit, who was hunted by the demon hunters. He took residence in Shuuichi, who was unborn at the time and rested until his power would surface once again. Shuuichi became aware of this presence around the age of twelve.

Since that age, he had trained himself in a few branches martial arts, helping his counter part on the way to strength, and knowing that the presence inside him would attract other apparitions. One in particular was Hiei, who was the first to find him after he had completed all of his training. Youko had shown him how to use his powers, but they would never be to his full extent until he was able to emerge as his true self. Because of such, Shuuchi was never alone, and could have a conversation internally for hours.

There were times when he was not sure who he was. To his mother, and his classmates, he was Shuuchi. To everyone else who challenged him, he was the fighter, Kurama. Underneath both of those persona's lay the dormant Youko Kurama, who had not yet regained the power to come out yet. Or maybe he had, and the way do to so had not been heard of yet.

Shuuichi felt all the feelings of his demon counterpart, because the two seemed to be merging into one. He had this dream more often than not. Youko and his wolf mate, Moriko were together for centuries, a bond so strong that he could never forget it. What more, she was carrying his young, and their fates were not in favour of her vision.

Moriko Chie, the wolf demon was a telepath, who would have visions into the future. It helped her with what course to take when her and Youko would make their raids. Wolves loved to play, and the joy of the hunt was more rewarding than the treasures they came out with. There was a group of them, and Moriko was the only female worthy enough to keep up with the rest of them, the only one daring to live for the moment. Shuuichi knew this story, and how they had become lovers in the first place. She had left her clan nearly eight hundred years after her birth, making her way in life. Maybe three hundred years later, that's when Youko came into her den to acqiure the seal of the wolf clan.

Moriko was no fool, she knew of the bandit and laid traps for him, traps that he avoided. She caught him as he came to its resting place, and she defeated him. Youko was impressed and captivated, and kept trying again every few years or so. This went on for nearly five hundred years, the two of them would play. Before long, he would just drop in and steal nothing, or make sure that she caught him. One night, she was taken from her den by two members of her former clan.

Youko did one of his random drop ins, only to find her gone and evidence of a struggle. He also noticed that the seal was gone, and so, furious, he pursued them. It did not take him long, although the trail wasn't very fresh, he was lucky that it did not grow cold. Youko defeated the wolf demons, and saved Moriko. He brought her safely back to her den and she willingly gave him the seal. He kissed her instead, realizing that he did not always come back for the seal, but just to see her.

They mated that night, Moriko making Youko very aware that wolves mated for life. He told her that he wouldn't have it any other way. They hibernated for a week, him teaching her to improve her fighting skills and agility. And then Youko decided it would be time to rejoin the bandits. She agreed, knowing that now, he was the pack leader. She proved her worthiness, and for a few centuries, they hunted down what they needed. Demon hunters started to enter their world, and that's the story thus far. Youko did not know the fate of Moriko or his young, but he was starting to urge Shuuichi to start the hunt for her.

The teenager agreed, feeling the strength of his feelings for the wolf demon. He could not, however, start his search yet, seeing as his human mother, Shiori, had fallen ill. Hiei had recruited him, Kurama and another demon named Gouki, to steal the three objects of demon world. The item he was after was the Dark Mirror. Luckily, this wouldn't be too hard, seeing as he was a legendary bandit, and with Hiei's agility and Gouki's strength, it might as well be his. He planned on using it to grant his wish, that his human mother survive, seeing as she raised and had done everything she should have for him. It was the least he could do for her.

It unnerved him a bit that this dream would be showing up so vividly now. Youko's patience must have been running out, or maybe he was being haunted by his thoughts. It had been fifteen years since he last saw his beloved, stained in blood, falling from the sky.

-Please Shuuichi, help me find my koishii, she is very much apart of me as she is to you-

-I will help. But first, let me tend to our human mother, it's not fair that she should die-

-Very well-

-Have you ever gotten the feeling that we would cross paths?-

-Yes. And I think that the memory coming to us in a dream is a sign of sorts. I think you have a visitor-

"Kurama," said Hiei in his emotionless tone.

"What brings you here Hiei?" Kurama asks, catching his scent before he spoke.

"Hn. Still thinking about the mate of your past life?"

"I believe I have asked you to restrain yourself from reading my thoughts."

"Hn. She's probably dead you know."

"Perhaps. Is there a reason you decided to come here?"

"In three days time, that's when we'll be ready. Don't be late."

"Understood," Kurama replied. Hiei jumped out of sight, making it look as if he vanished to the untrained eye. His thoughts went back to Moriko and his dream. He had to admit that the human part yearned to find her, but it would have to wait until Shiori was well again, until he could get his wish.


Unknowing to him, a girl on the other side of the city woke up to the same dream. San Chiya woke up in her bed, shooting up and looking around. These dreams had been plaguing her for years. She understood why, she was a wolf demon, the one they called Moriko Chie. The spirit of this demon was locked inside of her, but San was not human at first. When Moriko had separated from her lover, Youko Kurama, she could not find a body. She instead, remained a wolf and hit the ground, hard. She could faintly hear a voice, and her vision was blurred. She succumbed to the darkness, accepting death, but hoping her young would find a way to survive.

When Moriko awoke, she found a strange and small old woman with faded pink hair above her. She was still a wolf, but her wounds were healing, that much she could tell. She smelled her surroundings, moving slowly at the insistence of the human she learned to be called Genkai. Realization dawned on her though, she could no longer feel the presence of her young. She cried out in a sorrowful howl, mourning the loss of them. She knew the fate of them, but still could not prepare herself for such pain. That demon hunter had taken everything from her, and now she was powerless to sink her fangs into his flesh.

Genkai knew that she was no ordinary wolf. Moriko telepathically explained everything to the old woman, and thanked her for saving her life, but insisted on starting her hunt for Youko. Genkai refused, reminding her that he was still not even born yet, and that the timing was not right. Over the period of fifteen years, Genkai worked with the wolf to try and take a human form. It succeeded after eight years of concentration, as it took nearly two years to recover fully, body and mind. Moriko took on the form of a human girl, with sun touched hair, but keeping her tawny coloured eyes.

It took a bit of time to get used to walking on hind legs again after being on four paws for eight years. After such, Genkai did the only thing she knew to do, train her in martial arts. Genkai also helped her focus her spirit energy and manipulate plants, like most animal spirits could. Since the sun seemed to affect Moriko the most, the old psychic decided to name her San. That was her human identity, and she would live at the temple with the old woman, so long as she pulled her weight. San's powers were returning quickly, but it was not enough to be able to turn back into her demon form.

At night, she would turn into her white wolf form, and hunt for the one she was looking for. There seemed to be no trace of him, but that was to be expected, seeing as he needed rest as well. Although Genkai was serious, San was still a wolf on the inside, and felt she had a new chance at life, therefore, liked to play. She made friends with many of the creatures in the forest, climbing every tree possible. Apparitions were naturally attracted to the temple, solely for the reason of Genkai's reputation. None of them were strong enough to be aware of Moriko's presence there. To cover up, she was a relative from out of town that was orphaned and then sent to her care.

San had refrained from continuing her hunt for the past week, seeing as Genkai thought it was important that her training become more intence. She was recently fifteen, meaning that her search was going to have more progress, or so she saw in a vision. It was clouded, all she could see was red hair, and the familiar scent that she could never forget. The time was nearing, but would he know of it? Genkai was famous for the spirit wave technique, but both of them knew that San was not the one destined to inherit it.

"Wake up slacker. It's time for some breakfast and then some training," Genkai slid her door open, commanding her and then leaving. San moved quickly, knowing the patience of the old woman. She sat at the table, just picking at her food, the dream on her mind still.

"I take it you had that dream again," it was not a question, but a statement.

"Yes master Genkai," San replied, still poking at her food.

"You're a telepathic seer, you should know what these mean by now. How about today you clean up and then go get some groceries. I think it's time to went into civilization, you're starting to get dull and lifeless."

"Yes ma'am," she said with enthusiam, saluting her jokingly. Genkai cracked a small smile, going unnoticed by the teen in front of her.

The train ride into the city was a long one. She noticed that there were a lot of students on the train as well, meaning that it was a day off school. San did not attend school, getting basic education in the temple. It was a big hassle to go to a school where she lived, seeing as there weren't any close to her. Besides, she wasn't really human to begin with. Her stop finally came and she got off the train, heading towards the main shopping district. Genkai wasn't picky with her foods, and supported a lot of San's favourites. The wolf would prefer hunting for the food, but there were some things she just couldn't kill or grow.

She was walking along the street, passing store's and becoming distracted. While she loved the city, she still liked the peace of nature at the temple. Besides, her only friend was Genkai, and that suited her well enough. She continued on her journey following her keen sense of smell to a flower shop nearby. Just as she was approaching the stand, another scent caught her, one so familiar. She looked around, but there were just humans around. Then, in front of her, was a boy, a teen, with long red hair. He must have sensed her, because he turned to look directly at her. His green eyes were studying, and San knew that he was not an ordinary human.

Kurama looked over at the demon he sensed watching him and was surprised to see tawny eyes on him.

-Those eyes...- Youko drifted in the depths of his mind.

-Yes, I feel it too-

-All I smell is human. The only thing is the eyes. I do not think she is the one Shuuichi-

-Perhaps it is a sign that we are getting closer-

Youko was quiet, and Kurama went back to inspecting flowers. San approached the stand, startled for only a minute. She observed the flowers, while keeping an eye on the boy that smelled of demon. She grabbed three tiger lilies, not going unnoticed by Kurama, who knew that it was the favourite flower of Moriko. She made her purchase and left shortly after. She made sure the boy was not looking before she darted into and alleyway and jumped to the roof. She transformed herself into the white wolf, catching the scent of the boy. He was picking roses, paid for them and was about to walk when in a swift movement, stashed one into his hair.

She followed him, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, knowing that it would be unwise to walk the streets of the city as a wolf. He led her to the hospital, where she could not follow. She tried looking in all the rooms until she caught his red hair. There, he gave the roses to a woman laying on one of the hospital beds. San tried hard, but could not hear what they were saying. She could not see the woman, so she only caught half of the conversation, reading the boys lips.

He left the hospital a couple of hours later, and San resumed her tracking. She caught another scent behind her, but ignored it, this was more important. She watched as the boy turned into an alleyway, and then stopped.

"I know you're there. Please, show yourself, I would like to know who takes such and interest in me," he announced, facing the entrance. San gasped, well, as best as a wolf could gasp, and froze. She was relieved when a being stepped out of the shadows in front of the boy.

"Kurama," the wolf's eyes widened, and then sensing an attack, growled, "I can't believe you'd take residence with these filthy humans."

"And I suppose you'd just prefer to eat them. Why else would you have crossed the barrier?" Kurama replies. San knew that this apparition wanted to attack him, and was prepared for the kill. It had been some time since she last fought for real. She prepared herself, trying to sence anything else around the two of them.

The demon came running at him, but Kurama was too quick for him, pulling out his rose whip. He went to attack, but the apparition seemed to be expecting that, and grabbed the whip. He used the advantage and threw Kurama into the wall, hard, making it crack. Kurama looked up at his attacker, getting ready to plant a seed of some sort to help him out. The demon grew closer, and just when Kurama was getting ready to attack, a growling white wolf was suddenly upon his enemy.

Kurama stood, startled at what he was seeing. The wolf bit at the demons neck and it severed instantly. It then turned to him, still snarling. He once again, was getting ready when the wolf lunged, swiftly. He prepared himself for the pain but when he felt the wind of the creature passing him, he turned and saw Hiei wrestling with it. Hiei was trying to keep it's jaws from sinking into his flesh, after witnessing what happened to the other demon just mere seconds ago.

"Get off you stupid beast, I don't plan on hurting the fox!" Hiei yelled at it. He managed to throw the wolf, counting on it to hit the wall, but it was fast and landed on its feet.

"It's alright, he's an ally," Kurama said calmly to the creature. The wolf ceased it's growling and walked over to Kurama, sitting in front of it. For the second time today, he looked into tawny eyes, the same ones that belonged to Moriko. But how?

"I didn't know you were into pets Kurama," said Hiei, still eyeing the creature.

"This is the first I've seen of it. I am in debt to it however," Kurama replied, looking away from it's eyes before it caused him internal pain.

"A fox and a wolf, now why does that sound familiar?"

"Don't," said Kurama in a dangerous tone, narrowing his eyes.

"Hn. It's female incase your wondering. The bitch is also telepathic, so I'm sure the two of you will get along well," at the word bitch, San bared her teeth at the fire apparition called Hiei.

"Is that why you've been following me then?"

"Partly. You're friend here has been following you for nearly an hour, and the demon for longer. I didn't know which to kill first, but seeing as she won't harm you, then I guess it's your problem."

"And the other thing?"

"Meeting's been moved to tomorrow instead. Something came up that will make tomorrow a better time to strike. Don't be late," and with that, Hiei jumped out of sight. Kurama was left with the strange wolf.

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