The Watsons' Care

Chapter 49

"They won't send him back, Mycroft. They just won't. The trial is in a few days. And then, if that all goes well... We have something to ask you." Lizzie sat on the left side of Mycroft's bed, Kevin on the right.

"What?" Mycroft frowned.

"We were wondering if, and only if everything goes well, if you would like to live with us permanently.”

"What? Like... Adopt us?"

"Yes. We've been talking about it." Kevin said.

"We've been fostering for years. Since we were 25. It would be nice to have a break until John is much older. And we can't think of anyone we would rather have joining our family."

"You... You mean it?"

"Definitely. Obviously, there would be a lot of legal things to do before it would be ever close to official. It could take a couple of years, even."

"I understand."

"Do you want us to set things in motion after the trial next week?" Lizzie took his hand.

"Yes. Yes please." Mycroft let his head sink further into the pillow. He was wanted.

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