The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 10

Angélique’s POV

As I followed the masked man through the many corridors I wondered how much longer I would have to follow him for. But soon enough he stopped in a random corridor that had a brick wall in front of him and so I hid around a corner and waited to see what he would do next.

“Christine. Your angel is here and you are about to take your rightful place on the stage.” What did he mean when he said that? Why is he calling himself an angel? He then started to sing and something awoke inside my very soul but I couldn’t explain what the feeling was.

It’s time leave Carlotta in the dust

It’s time to be who you should be

It’s time to do now as you must

And set the music in you free

In moments, mere moments

Drums will roll

There you’ll stand just like intended

The crowd will hush

And then in one sweet rush

The world will hear you sing as fated

And music, our music

Will swell and then unwind

Like two strands of melody at last entwined

Fulfil us, complete us

Make us whole

Seal our bond forever more

Tonight, for me

Embrace your destiny

Let me hear you sing once more

Could this feeling surging through me be jealousy? Could I be jealous of the attention this girl called Christine is getting? But why would I be jealous of a girl I can’t see? I mean he could be just tutoring her or something else could be going on of a more sinister nature.

“I promise you angel I will make you proud.”

“I know you will my dear. Now get ready to grace the stage, just like it should be.” And with a swish of his cape he disappeared out of the corridor and so I quickly followed him wondering where he was going next. As I followed him I kept thinking back to the way I was feeling when he started talking and singing to Christine; was I feeling jealous of her? But why would I be feeling jealous of her? I mean I couldn’t possibly have developed feelings for him could I? I mean I haven’t seen much of him apart from when he started playing his music and I sang along to it with all my heart. Could that have been the defining moment for my feelings to shine through? Could this have been the time when my heart was telling me my feelings for this mysterious masked man? Soon enough I found myself on some sort of wooden platform and so I hid out of sight and watched as he walked towards a rope that was nearby. Before I could even comprehend the situation he quickly untied it and a moment later there were screams of panic. I then heard a screech that I recognised and I looked down to see Carlotta of all people trapped under a backdrop. But how did I end up at the Opera House? What were to happen if my former employer found out I was here? That thought caused me to panic and darkness clouded my vision and soon enough I surrendered to it.....

Phantom’s POV

After dropping the backdrop on that toad Carlotta I heard a slight thump coming from my left and so I fingered the Punjab lasso that was hidden up my sleeve ready to defend myself against that nosy stagehand Buquet. However instead of seeing Buquet in front of me I saw the limp form of the girl I saved that night and I wondered how she even got here without knowing the way out of my lair. Did she follow me out here and if so why did she follow me for? Without a second thought I picked her up and took her down into my lair without thinking about anyone who might have seen me do so.

Madame Giry’s POV

After the Phantom dropped the backdrop onto Carlotta I went to the backstage area to see a black-rimmed note dropping from the catwalks. I looked up to catch a glimpse of a black cloak; but I could just about see the body of a woman in his arms. Who was this woman and what has she got to do with the Phantom? I quickly looked around to see no-one in sight and so I decided to see him and ask him outright what this girl has to do with him. Soon enough I was going down the corridor that lead to his lair; but before I even got to the doorway to his lair I was stopped by a voice that I knew well.

“Ah Madame Giry, to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

“I know it was you who dropped the backdrop on Carlotta. Christine will be singing the role of Elissa tonight after the diva left. But what I am here to talk about is the girl you had in your arms as you left. Have you resorted to kidnapping a chorus girl so your demands are met or did you pick a prostitute off the streets to meet your needs?”

“I cannot believe you would accuse me of being like those vulgar humans from the world of light. She is not one of your chorus girls and she is most certainly not a prostitute! She must have followed me somehow.”

“There is something you’re not telling me isn’t there? Well you better explain yourself or I will send the entire Opera House staff down here after you and they will certainly show you no mercy.”

“I found her in an alleyway near the Opera House one night and I heard her singing; I could sense the potential in her voice but she had slit her wrists so I knew I had to save her. I took her down to my lair and stitched her wounds; however she hasn’t spoken for the last two months but I did get her to sing yesterday after playing my music. But she sung a forlorn and melancholic song that seemed to be hiding a message within its lines; I just can’t tell why she is singing such a sorrowful song for.”

“Maybe I should see if I can talk to her since she seems to avoid talking to you at the moment.” I explained and so Erik led me to the room where the girl was residing. I knocked gently on the door and waited to see if she would say anything. However I didn’t hear anything so presumed she was thinking that Erik was behind the door.

“Hello is anyone in there? I’m Madame Giry the ballet mistress from the Opera House. I would just like to talk that’s all; it will only be us no-one else will be here.” I then waited a moment but soon enough I heard light footsteps padding towards the door.

“May I come in dear?” I asked gently and I saw her nod in assent so I followed her into the room. In front of me I saw a girl in her early 20s with long brown hair and piercing green eyes.

“So would you like to tell me your name?” I asked gently but all she did was sit there with her arms crossed over her chest.

“My dear don’t shut me out; all I want to do is help you.” I said soothingly and her position seemed to relax a little.

“So what’s your name my dear?”

“Angélique Dante Ma’am.”

“Nice to meet you Mademoiselle Dante. I see you have seen your saviour a few times already but you don’t know a lot about him do you?” I saw her nod her head in agreement but I then had second thoughts about revealing too much information about her saviour. Would she judge him the way the world judged him?

“I take it you know where you are at the moment?” And yet again there was a nod in agreement.

“Do you like being down here or would you like a job up above?” I could tell she was thinking intently before nodding in agreement; however when she nodded I could notice the hesitation in her demeanour.

“I am in need of some new chorus girls in my troop and I have heard from my friend that you have a wonderful singing voice. Would you like to become a chorus girl? You will get to meet my daughter Meg and my adoptive daughter Christine who are around about your age.” I noticed the first emotion that crossed her features was panic but it quickly became replaced with anger. Why did she seem so angry when I mentioned Christine’s name? I presume she hasn’t seen the world upstairs apart from when curiosity made her follow Erik but what has she got against Christine anyway? And why didn’t she want to work in the Opera House? Does it have something to do with her ordeal in the alleyway?

“Would you like to tell me more about what happened the night you were saved by my friend?” Yet again I sensed the hesitation playing across her features and for a moment I wondered if she was going to tell me at all.

“I was orphaned at the age of 13 and so I lived on the streets for five years, stealing what I could and hiding from the law. I answered an advertisement in the paper to become personal maid to La Carlotta when I was 18 but little did I know I had to serve more than Carlotta’s whims. For three years I had to serve the desires of every aristocrat that came round until one day I refused to serve three men from the Opera House although their names escape me at the moment. Anyway she kicked me out onto the streets and so I hid in an alleyway. However three men raped me whilst I was there and so I decided to end it all and that’s why I slit my wrist after singing the song which you could say was like writing my suicide note that I thought no-one would hear. I guess I was wrong about that.” She replied and so I was right about the girl’s age since she is 21 now; probably soon to be 22. I also can’t believe she had to serve that devil of a woman and serve men at such a young age. I guess that’s why she hasn’t been talking since she got raped by three men; she is probably waiting for the moment when he would do the same to her. I looked across at the clock on the mantelpiece and saw it was almost time for the show to start.

“I’m sorry my dear but the show is to start soon and I have to make sure my girls are ready. I hope to see you very soon.” And after touching her cheek in a motherly gesture gently I left out of the room and bid Erik goodbye.

Phantom’s POV

After Madame Giry left I saw my guest hiding in the doorway of her ‘room’.

“Did you have a nice talk with Madame Giry?” She nodded in assent and I tried not to let my disappointment show through at not hearing her voice again.

“The show is starting soon. Would you like to watch it with me from my box?” I asked and I inwardly smiled when her eyes sort of lit up in happiness.

“Why don’t you get changed into something more befitting for a night at the opera?” I asked and with that she ran into her room excitedly and I was glad that she was changing for the better. I guess the talk with Madame Giry lifted some weight off her shoulders. Soon enough she came out and I was taken aback at how beautiful she looked. I mentally shook my head at the confliction of feelings surging through me. I had no feelings for this girl; I only had feelings for Christine....right?
“You look lovely my dear.” Even though she tried to mask it I swear I could see disappointment in her eyes; it was almost like she wanted something more from me but wasn’t sure what it was she wanted from me exactly.

“Come I will escort you to my box.” And I led her down a corridor that led me to Box Five. Before I entered I looked through the peephole and I had to refrain from bursting in there in anger as I saw the two bumbling managers and that foppish patron residing in my box. Didn’t I specifically instruct my box to be kept empty or they face my wrath? I took a slight detour to another spot where I can see the rest of the theatre boxes and I saw that all of the other boxes were full so there wasn’t really anywhere else to watch the show.

“I’m sorry but my box has been occupied and everywhere else is full so we can’t watch the show tonight.” And so we went back to my lair and I closed my eyes in rapture as Christine’s voice echoed down through the catacombs. Once we got back I went around the lair getting everything ready for Christine’s arrival tonight as now was the time to reveal myself to her. Tonight was also the night I show my true feelings for her; I just hope she will return them. After getting everything ready for Christine I got dressed into my trademark black suit with white shirt and I finished it off with a black cloak. I then boarded my gondola and rowed to the other side of the lake.

Angélique’s POV

After we got back from above I watched as the masked man listened in rapture to Christine’s voice. Why did he have to fall for someone like her? I then went into my ‘room’ without looking back as he seemed to rush around his lair; probably making sure everything was ready for Christine’s arrival. I couldn’t bear to listen to him sing to her and so I tried to shut him out as best as I could. However no matter what I did I couldn’t shut him out so I cried myself to sleep that night as his voice echoed around the cavern........

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