The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 12

Phantom’s POV

I decided to check on my guest since she seemed so upset after I came back from running my errands but yet again I was stopped by a sorrowful song that was echoing around the cavern. Hearing it made me think of a love song but not quite a love song; it was like she loved a man but the man loved someone else. Was she admitting to having feelings for me? But I loved Christine or did I? Sometimes my dreams were haunted by images of Angélique but I don’t know why. Suddenly I heard something and grabbed a lasso from nearby; I then followed the source of the sound whilst holding my lasso in front of me.

“Nadir; what an unexpected surprise. Tell me what it is you want quick and then let me go about my business.” I said sarcastically.

“Aren’t I allowed to visit an old friend? And I wanted to see how your guest was getting on.”

“She’s locked herself away in her room at the moment but I am not sure why. I heard her singing but wonder if I am interpreting the meaning of the words correctly.” I replied matter of factly.

“Do you have the lyrics written down somewhere? Maybe I might understand them better.” I went over to my piano and took the sheet right on the top of the pile and handed it to Nadir. I watched as he quickly skimmed through the lyrics before handing the sheet back to me.

“By the looks of things she appears to have feelings for you but I am not one hundred percent certain.” He replied and after absorbing his reply just sat and talked over a glass or two of wine.

Angélique’s POV

When I woke up after crying myself to sleep I could hear voices coming from outside; one of them belonged to the masked man and the other sounded like it belonged to the man called Nadir I believe. Why was he here though? As I continued to listen to their conversation I realised they were talking about me; why would they be talking about me though? As I listened I could hear them talking about my apparent feelings for the masked man and I was mortified about the fact they were discussing my feelings so casually. How dare they talk about my feelings behind my back like I wasn’t there? I decided I wouldn’t tolerate this behaviour any further and so I burst into the room angrily and seethed.

“How dare you!?! How dare you talk about my feelings so callously and behind my back?!? Did you think for a moment that I might have been listening?!? Well if you want me I’ll be in my room although I never want to speak to you again!” And with that I left the room and threw myself onto my bed angrily.

The next morning I woke up to see a black wig as well as a note on my vanity and after reading the note it made the tears start to fall; I angrily wiped them away knowing there was no point crying over a man who clearly loved someone else. After putting the wig on and changing into a suitable outfit I went into the kitchen and took an apple from the fruit bowl. I ate it as I made my way towards the corridor hoping I wouldn’t bump into the masked man again but that wasn’t to be as I heard his musical voice coming from behind me.

“Leaving so soon; aren’t you going to have a proper breakfast?” But instead of answering I just continued to eat my apple and make my way down the corridor. All the way I ignored him calling out my name until I got to the surface. I went straight to the costume department and saw the head costumer telling some young girls what costumes to sew. She must have sensed me coming because she turned around and smiled as I approached.

“Ah you must be the new girl; Ange isn’t it?”

“Yes Madam. What would you like me to get started on?” I asked.

“These ballet costumes need altering; all the measurements are marked out you just need to cut and sew them down to size.” I nodded and settled myself down in front of the huge pile of ballet costumes. Hopefully no-one from my past would see the name and put two and two together or something. I then proceeded to alter the first one and after about an hour and a half I had finished altering every single one.

“What would you like me to do Madame?”

“Very good work my dear. You are a very efficient worker. Could you finish off this page boy costume for the opera tonight? Christine will need it for the opera.” She explained gently. I nodded in assent and proceeded to finish off the hems as well as add some trim on the sleeves and hem. I guess the Phantom won’t be happy when he finds out Christine is to play the page boy rather than the countess.

I soon finished all the work I was told to and so I descended into the Phantom’s realm to wait for the inevitable rage that will ensue when he finds out Christine isn’t playing the part he demanded her to be cast to play. However when I got back to the lair all was silent and I knew something was wrong. I listened intently and heard the opening notes of the opera beginning to play so I quickly went back up to the surface. I soon got there and hid backstage in the shadows hoping the Phantom would soon make an appearance and soon enough he did. But as quickly as he appeared; sounding ominous as he did so he vanished into the shadows. I went up into the catwalks hoping to find him but couldn’t see him in sight.

“Ah my delectable angel we meet again. Don’t think I don’t recognise you from our last encounter.” A voice slurred and I turned around to see Joseph approaching me.

“You must be mistaken monsieur. I have never seen you in my life before.” I said calmly with my hands defensively in front of me.

“Oh don’t think the wig can fool me that easily. I can see through your disguise my dear and let’s just say the name suits you very well indeed. Now if you don’t struggle this will be less painful for you.” And before I could even retort or react I was thrown to the ground roughly which made me feel dizzy for a moment. I felt the cold air hit me as he ripped the clothes from my body; as if once wasn’t enough he wanted to sample me again. Probably he was disappointed the first time round when his needs weren’t fully satisfied because the Phantom interrupted him. I felt him insert a finger into me but before I could scream he stuffed a rag in my mouth which immediately silenced my scream. He then started pumping his finger in and out as well as tugging at my clitoris and before I could stop myself my hips started bucking at their own accord. The tears started to fall as I was being degraded so horribly.

“You’re almost there and then it’s my turn to receive pleasure.” He drawled coldly. The tears continued to fall as I reached my orgasm and I didn’t even register when he thrusted into me which caused the world around me to turn black......

Phantom’s POV

After forcing the managers to put Christine in her rightful place as the Countess I was walking near the catwalks when I heard Joseph threatening someone. At first I thought he was threatening one of the stagehands but then he mentioned something about a wig and I went to their rescue hoping my theory was horribly wrong. But I wasn’t wrong as yet again he was raping Angélique by attempting to make her orgasm against her will; he then thrusted into her without a second thought and so with lasso in hand I forcefully put it over his head and pulled as tightly as I could which caused him to pull out of her. But before I could stop him he walked over the edge of the catwalk and I heard the characteristic snap of his neck and the screams that ensued. After picking Angélique’s frail form and wrapping her in my cloak I decided to take her to Madame Giry as I saw Christine flee with that boy out of the corner of my eye. Without leaving an explanation for Madame Giry I followed Christine as she climbed higher and higher up the levels of the Opera House. Soon enough I found them on the roof and I laughed a little to myself when they were foolish enough to think they could hide from me up here. But the Phantom sees and hears everything so nowhere is safe from my all-knowing gaze. I watched forlornly as she sung about me and my deformity before they professed their love for each other.

Angélique’s POV

When I woke up I found myself in an unfamiliar room and a nightgown on my body. I then cried when I realised what Joseph did to me. I looked in the direction of the bedside table to see a cup residing there; I winced a little as I swallowed the steaming hot liquid. I grabbed the black cloak placed over a chair and left the room as quickly as possible. But where did the masked man go? The last I saw he was causing havoc with the diva so where was he now? I then heard a lot of people talking about Christine and the patron running off in the direction of the roof. Could the masked man be there right now? Without a second thought I made my way to the roof to hear beautiful singing belonging to Christine and that boy; by the sounds of things they were declaring their love for one another and the patron was proposing to her. Hopefully after this the masked man will stop pursuing a woman who clearly loves someone else but I couldn’t have been more wrong as I heard him shouting about revenge against her. Hearing that caused the tears to fall and without a second thought I fled out of the opera house and into the dark Parisian streets. I had no direction in mind as I was only focused on getting as far away from the Opera House as possible; however I soon found myself in an area I didn’t recognise and I looked around in panic as I realised I was truly lost. I looked around for someone to help me but saw no-one in sight; what was I to do now?

“Mademoiselle Dante.....What are you doing all the way out here on your own? Don’t you know this area is dangerous for a lone woman?” I heard a voice ask and when I turned around I saw the foreign man; Nadir I believe his name is was in front of me with concern gracing his features.

“What is it to you? You are in league with the masked man who has his hearts set on another! So why should I listen to anything you say?!?” I replied angrily.

“Yes and when I heard from Er......him that you ran off I was just as concerned as he was about your wellbeing.” I noticed Nadir hesitating for a moment and it made me think about the fact that he almost revealed the name of the masked man; but why wouldn’t he want me to know his name? After all he had saved my life quite a few times so don’t I have the right to know his name by now?

“Why don’t you come back with me to the Opera House and prevent my friend from tearing down the place with worry?” He asked gently but I just stood there and stared instead of following him.

“Aren’t you coming? My friend is awfully worried about you.”

“If he was so worried about my wellbeing why didn’t he come after me himself?” I asked suspiciously.

“The mask prevents him from going outside unless it is dark; he hates the judgement he gets off of people due to his mask.”

“But what does he hide under that mask?” I asked.

“That is for you to find out when the time is right; but you must never ask him about the mask, do you hear? He will punish you for sure if you ask him about the mask.”

“Ok I promise never to ask about the mask and I’ll come back with you to the Opera House. Just please make sure no-one realises I have been gone for so long.” I replied pleadingly as I followed closely behind him in the direction of the Opera House.

“Don’t worry, no-one will realise you have been gone that long mademoiselle.” After getting back to his home under the Opera House I was shocked at the mess of the place; it was like a bull ran through here and destroyed everything.

“Hello. Is everything ok?” I called out warily as I looked around the room for any sign of the masked man. However I didn’t hear a reply but instead I heard haunting music coming from the other side of the cavern. I followed the music to a room I didn’t even know existed and I looked in to see the masked man stooped over his piano writing madly on a sheet of paper. What was he writing and why did his music enthral me so? It was a mixture of haunting and beautiful and I couldn’t resist its pull. Suddenly he turned around almost like he sensed my presence and I stood there in shock as he stared at me with amber coloured eyes.

“Where were you Angélique?” He demanded slowly and I started to back away as he approached me menacingly.

“I do not have to talk to you when you are like this. I will come back and talk to you when you have calmed down.” I explained slowly and with that I proceeded to leave the room. However I felt a hand encircle my wrist and when I turned around I saw him looking at me with fire in his eyes.

“I asked you a question and I expect an answer from you.”

“Let me go!” I yelled angrily as I struggled in his grasp.

“You will answer me then you are free to go.” He explained evenly and I swear for a moment his eyes sort of glowed. Before I could stop myself the tears started to fall; I began to fall within myself and I became numb to the world around me as a sense of peace washed over me.......

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