The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 3

Angélique’s POV

The next morning I was yet again woken up by my alarm also known as Carlotta. I think this is becoming a routine now even though it is only the third day that I am to be woken up every morning at 7:00. Why did she have to wake me so early for anyway? I didn’t honestly think of Carlotta as much of a morning person. I have heard rumours going around the other servants that Carlotta is being tormented by a ghost; how and why she is being tormented I am not fully sure but I don’t listen to gossip to be honest. I got dressed and went downstairs to serve Carlotta’s usual breakfast and water with lemon; she swears by the stuff claiming it is good for her voice. I don’t think it has done her any good though because whenever I have heard her practising before she didn’t sound that good. Maybe she should consider retiring or something as she shouldn’t be singing at all; I wonder how many people would agree with me?

A few minutes later I knocked on her bedroom door and waited for her answer.

“I want you to go out to town today and pick up some supplies. I am hosting lunch for the two gentlemen who turned up yesterday and you will be helping me with the hosting. They are awfully nice; father and son called Christian and Antoine Beaumont. The father’s a count you know; of course you wouldn’t know anything since you are a lowlife and all.” I gripped the tray hard as I refrained myself from throwing it at her smug face and hope dearly I leave a bruise or even better break her nose so she wouldn’t be able to perform ever again.

“Well don’t just stand there you insolent girl! Give me my breakfast and get to work! You need to cook lunch so it is ready to serve by half past twelve! Now get going!” She screeched and I ran by my room to grab my cloak and purse before proceeding out of the front door towards the market. My thoughts drifted immediately to what I could cook for lunch today? I mean would soup be acceptable or would I have to cook something grander? I then decided on cooking a soup rich in meat and vegetables with freshly baked bread on the side. I would then give them some fresh French pastries for dessert. I picked up some strawberries and decided I would make some meringues for dessert.

I got back to the kitchen and immediately set about making the bread which I could leave in the oven whilst I prepared the vegetables and meat for the soup then the strawberries for the meringues. I decided I would begin making the meringues once the soup was left to simmer in the pot.

Just as I finished cooking the meal I heard several voices entering the hallway and I peeked around the doorway of the kitchen to see Carlotta entering with the two men from yesterday who I presume to be Christian and Antoine. Seeing the father who I believe was called Christian he looked a lot younger considering his age; from the information I heard I believe he is in his early fifty’s or something like that. Antoine wasn’t that bad looking either but wasn’t really my type and he looked like he was in his early twenty’s. Once I finished serving the main course I saw that someone left a cup of tea on the table for me which I drank greedily; ignoring the bitter taste that laced the cup. Funnily enough this was the second time I noticed the bitter taste to the tea but I ignored it since I liked drinking my tea black anyway so I presumed that the tea I was drinking was the kind that rich people drank. I then decided to check on Carlotta and her guests to see if they finished their main course. I saw them sitting in their seats chatting and I took their dirty dishes and then served up their dessert. Every time I served the guests I could see Antoine looking at me with this funny look in his eyes.

“If that’s all you need from me I will retire for the night.”

“Actually before you retire could you set up two beds for our guests please? They are staying the night.” I was about to nod when I realised we only had one spare room available. We obviously use to have more but for some reason some of the rooms were changed and we were left with only the one other room.

“I’ll have to set up two beds in the same room as we only have the one spare room available at the moment.” I said politely.

“Oh yes I forgot about that small detail. There should be a spare bed in the closet by the spare room. Make sure to keep our guests happy.” She added in before returning to her dessert. I bowed towards our guests before proceeding to make up the beds for our guests. What did she mean when she said to make sure I keep our guests happy? I shook my head to clear my thoughts and after making the beds I went straight to bed myself. However, before I could put on my nightdress I heard a knock on the door and I put on a robe on over my dress as I had already started undoing it and answered the door by opening it slightly.

“Yes how can I help you?” I questioned.

"Well, Madame Carlotta mentioned how you were offering special services. If you don't mind, I would like to use them." What in the world did he mean by 'special services'? Before I knew it, Antoine walked into my room and looked around curiously, appearing to be searching for something. He looked at the little nightgown I was going to put on and an irritating smirk spread across his face,

"You have good taste."

"Um, thanks, I guess. What do you want from me anyway?"I inquired.

"Your services, Mademoiselle. You're a tasty little thing."

"I have no idea what you are speaking of. And I require that you leave my presence unless you want to deal with the police."

"As a man, I am allowed to have you. Now turn around, don't be shy." He loosened my robe and threw it down onto the floor like it was trash. He turned my entire body around to face him and I just about had it,

"What right have you got to take off a woman's robe?!"He put a gentle, smooth finger to my lips,

"Shh. Don't speak." He also started getting undressed and I watched as he did so. His big blue eyes were too intolerable and I had to give in. I could feel this sense of overwhelming need take me and I climbed onto him. We laid with one another on the bed and stared willingly into each other's eyes, finding our souls. This would be my first time and I thought that he would be gentle, boy was I naïve. He ripped my clothes off and started to remove his as well, suddenly, I found myself getting ready to be penetrated, "Umm, do we have to rush things? It's very soon and I'm still pure."

"Believe me, it won't hurt, " he insisted that it wouldn't hurt, but I knew it would. He pushed himself in swiftly and groaned out of pleasure, I whined. It was unbelievably painful and I just couldn't control myself any longer,

"Ow! Please! Please stop!" He pulled out and rubbed me gently, hoping to get rid of any pain which still lingered. Then he continued, thrusting into me until my little place started throbbing. I took a deep breath and waited as he released his male fluids over me. It felt warm and wet, but at the same time very sticky and disgusting,

"Ooo. I didn't know it could be so good." He said whilst breathing heavily.
"See. It doesn't hurt." He continued with a smirk on his face and I looked at him with a glare that could freeze hell.

“Well thanks for the great night and hope there are more to come.” He said before leaving out of the door. I waited until the door closed before curling up into a ball and crying myself to sleep whilst wrapped up in the sheets.....

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