The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 4

Angélique’s POV

The next morning I woke up at the usual time and winced in pain. Why did I willingly lie with him to begin with? It was like those blue eyes were difficult to resist. I also knew I had no choice; if I didn’t make him happy he would have told Carlotta and she would have probably thrown me onto the streets then I would have to beg or sell myself to survive. I burst into tears when I realised I unwillingly gave away the one thing I wanted to preserve for my husband; no man would marry me for sure as I am spoiled goods. Why didn’t he stop when I told him to? I felt no pleasure during the act at all and just wanted it to end as soon as possible. What I would like to know is where did this matter come in the contract? Although to be honest I don’t remember having to sign one to begin with; probably Carlotta did that on purpose so she could make me do whatever she wants without getting into trouble with anyone. I was about to go into the bathroom to have a bath to ease the pain in my private regions but before I even had the chance to get out of bed the door burst open and I was faced with a very angry Carlotta. Oh great what did she want with me now?

“Why are you not up yet?!? I’ve been calling you and you never answered. I will excuse this tardiness just this once since my guest was very happy with you provided last night. Now I want you to cook me breakfast then I want you to do the laundry, fix the dresses that needed mending since like last week and you need to wash all of the floors and windows as well. And I want all of that done before I get back or there will be consequences!!!” She yelled before proceeding to leave out of the door, slamming it behind her. I sighed heavily then proceeded to get myself ready for today’s long list of chores. All I wanted to do was wash any trace of him as I still felt sticky from my encounter with him. Frankly I hope never to see that Antoine Beaumont ever again. He is most certainly no gentleman. I washed as best as I could and went downstairs to get the laundry washed and hung out to dry. I then proceeded to wash the floors and windows hoping to get it done before I get myself something to eat.

About an hour and a half to two hours went past and I realised that I had technically missed lunch but all the floors and windows were all cleaned so went down to the kitchens to eat some bread and cheese before proceeding with the mending.

By the time I finished mending the last garment I heard the door open and I could hear several voices; all of which belonged to males. However, I couldn’t recognise a single voice and knew immediately she had brought guests home. I guess I better start dinner cooking before she docks my pay or something.

I had finished cooking a main course as well as prepared a dessert which was currently sitting in the fridge and I carefully took three of the plates to the table and placed them in front of the guests first. Once I finished giving plates to everyone seated at the table I then poured out a glass of wine for each person as well. But who were the mysterious guests? Whilst I was preparing the dessert I could hear snippets from the conversation and could tell there were three different men at the table talking about the theatre. Were they people who worked at the theatre perhaps? Managers? They had to be important to be invited to Carlotta’s house. I stopped to listen when part of the conversation intrigued me. They were talking about mysterious notes they were receiving from someone known as only O.G. Who was this O.G. person? I guess they were disliked amongst the managers. But there were three voices so who did the other voice belong to? I then went back to preparing dessert before Carlotta started screeching I wasn’t entertaining the guests well enough. I brought the dessert out and was able to get a proper look at the guests. Two of the gentlemen were older; I think they were probably around about their thirties or forties but I could be wrong. One gentleman had light grey curly hair and a greyish moustache and goatee beard whereas the other one had brown hair that was slicked back and a brown moustache, both of which had streaks of grey in. The other gentleman was probably about twenty or so with shoulder length brown hair that was also slicked back. I still didn’t know who these gentlemen were and I really wanted to know more about this O.G. person.

“Carlotta, who do we thank for this delicious meal?” The younger man asked Carlotta. She giggled slightly before waving her hand towards me and exclaiming in a bored tone.

“This is Angeliqué. She is the new maid I recently acquired. I guess I better keep to formalities and introduce you to the managers; Monsieur Richard Firmin and Monsieur Gilles André as well as the Patron the Vicomte Raoul de Chagny.” Whilst introducing she pointed to the relevant gentleman who each kissed me on the hand.

“I’d like to thank you for the delicious meal you cooked tonight. Now Carlotta if you don’t mind I would like to discuss some matters with my colleagues privately about certain financial matters. Could some brandy be bought to the drawing room please?” And with that they left the room and so I went to the cupboard to grab hold of a bottle of our best brandy and some glasses. Whilst walking towards the drawing room it made me start to think about the fact that these gentlemen worked at the Opera House and about the fact that it was my dream once to sing. However I lost the will to sing when my parents died as they taught me to sing from a very young age. I eventually arrived with the brandy and glasses and yet again heard the name O.G. being mentioned. I listened in closely and got to find out more about this mysterious person.

“I can’t believe this Opera Ghost has the audacity to demand such a high salary from us; I mean you never even see the man.”

“Yes but we had to replace Carlotta because of him. So he does exist of course.”

“Why should we follow the orders of a non-existent being though?”

“But you saw what this madman did to Carlotta on the first day we are new managers; don’t you think it’s possible he could do worse damage? Maybe we should just give him his salary and pretend none of this has happened.”

“Well I guess we will just hope this unknown singer Madame Giry told us about will not fail us tonight.”

“Who is she anyway?” I heard someone question curiously.

“You will see tonight. Oh my God look at the time. I guess we will have to skip out on that brandy and return to the Opera House immediately otherwise we will be late for the first performance under our management.” I then heard them come towards the door and backed away a little.

“Thank you but we will not need the brandy after all. Please can you summon our carriage to the front door immediately? We find the need to return to the Opera House immediately.” I nodded and ran towards the back of the house where the carriage was parked. I then brought the carriage round to the front and opened the door for them to clamber inside. From then on the stable boy drove them down the drive and out of the gates onto the road.

“Well done for getting all your chores done; you will be paid in due course. You may retire for the night; we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” I did a curtsy and went towards my room. My thoughts drifting to the people who visited as well as Carlotta’s manners just now. Why was she being so nice? After making myself a cup of tea which strangely enough tasted bitter I went upstairs to run a bath.

After an hour or so I went straight to sleep where I had images of a man looming over me causing me to toss and turn in my sleep as my night was filled with nightmares and pain.....

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