The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 7

Angélique’s POV

I woke up to find myself in an alleyway and for a moment I was confused as to how I got here but then everything came back to me and I remembered the fact I was thrown out onto the streets by my employer. I tried to suppress the tears but they eventually fell down my face and I couldn’t stop them. What would I do now? I couldn’t possibly gain any employment especially at the Opera Populaire where my former employer works. Then the horror of working in a brothel hit me and I thought there must be another way for me to earn money; after thinking for a few moments I realised there was no hope for me apart from selling my body to complete strangers on some street corner somewhere. But before I could think any further I heard a low cold laugh that shook me to the core.

“Well well well boys what do we have here? It seems an angel has fallen from the sky and landed at our feet.” Without even smelling their breath I could tell by their body language they were drunk. I got up slowly and tried to escape hoping they would be too drunk to notice but I was wrong.

“Hey little lady you’re going nowhere!” One of them yelled. I then felt myself being thrown to the floor and a blinding pain in the back of my head. I kept telling myself I had to stay awake otherwise they could hurt me or even worse kill me.

“You two hold her down whilst I sample her.” The man said coldly and I struggled ruefully in their grasp as they slammed me against the wall.

“Just give into the pleasure my dear and it won’t hurt a bit.” He said coldly. I heard the characteristic ripping of fabric and before I knew it I could feel the air on my skin. I screamed as he grabbed my breast harshly and then proceeded to bite my nipple harshly.

“I know you are experiencing pleasure; deep down you want to let yourself go to it.” He said coldly. But instead of retorting like I usually do I just screamed in pain when he thrusted roughly into me.

“Ah not a virgin I see; not so angelic now are we?” He questioned coldly. But as soon as the ordeal started it was over and I was dropped to the ground by the two other men.

“Ok you two, you can sample her now. She is such a delight and she feels so good.” I looked up in horror as the two other men approached me with lust in their eyes. I tried crawling away from them but the first man who raped me grabbed me harshly and forced me to kneel on the ground on my hands and knees; he then threatened angrily.

“Now don’t you resist them or I will slit your throat!” One of the men forced his organ into my mouth and even though I gagged a few times he just kept pushing it in and out waiting for release. The other man stuck two fingers inside of me and I cried as they degraded me so horribly. I could feel him pulling and tugging at my clitoris hoping to make me orgasm or something and before I knew it my hips started bucking at their own accord.

“That’s it my dear give into the pleasure I feel so hard right now.” He said huskily. I then felt the other man release into my mouth and I choked on his semen as it slid down my throat.

“Good girl you sure know how to pleasure a man don’t you?” They said together. As I knelt there choking and spluttering still I could just about hear them walking away as they laughed coldly. All I could bring myself to do was kneel there and cry until I ran out of tears to cry and somehow I cried myself to sleep.

Erik’s POV

I don’t know why I decided to take a walk but today was one of those days where I just needed to get out. I couldn’t hear the music in my ears like I usually do and I was hoping a walk through the night might inspire me. But as my walk progressed nothing came to me and I was about to give up all hope as I made my way back towards my secret entrance when I heard a noise that almost set me on edge. I then realised it was crying and at first I decided to walk away and ignore it but something inside me told me to stay; it was like the ice that had formed around my heart for so long had started to thaw and for a change I felt sympathy for this person’s plight. I crept through the shadows towards the source of the noise and saw a young girl probably in her late teens to early twenties sitting on the ground with tears falling heavily down her cheeks. For a moment I wondered what such a beautiful girl could be crying for but when I looked at the state of her I wondered if perhaps she was mugged or something. But what stopped my heart for a moment was when she started singing. For one so young she had such a pure and mature sounding voice and the song she was singing was beautiful and haunting at the same time. I then froze when I heard her sing the most haunting lines in existence.

They stayed a night time by my side,

They filled my dreams with endless torture,

They took my childhood in their stride,

But they were gone when morning came.

And still I dream I will find love,

That we’ll live the years together,

But there are dreams that cannot be,

And there are storms we cannot weather,

I had a dream my life would be,

So different from this hell I’m living,

So different now from what it seemed,

Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

But before I could comprehend the potential of her voice I saw a flash of something and then a moment later I could see something red dripping down her hands and realised she slit her wrists. But why did she do that to herself? Without thinking twice I picked up her now unconscious body and took her down to my lair.

Angélique’s POV

The first thing I saw when I woke up was a bright light and I presumed I must be in Heaven. But when I felt a pain shooting up my wrists I groaned when I realised I was still alive. But how can that be? The last thing I remember was singing a song like it was a suicide note and then slitting my wrists with a piece of broken glass I somehow found in the alleyway. It was almost like fate had put it there or something but can I really believe in it after what happened to me? I mean would fate be so unkind to me by making me lose my parents then getting me a job as a servant to Carlotta and her friends in more ways than one only to lose that job and to then be raped by three men. But what my eyes fell upon next sent terror rushing through me like a fire that couldn’t be quenched; I could see a man sitting in a chair by what looked like a bed in the shape of a bird and it looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Now was my chance to escape before he woke up and be able to end my life in peace. I slowly as possible got out of bed and without worrying about putting shoes on I crept towards the doorway and out of the room. For a moment I looked in awe when I saw a large room in front of me with candles and what fascinated me most of all was the large organ in the middle of the room against one of the walls. I then shook my head and realised I was losing precious time standing here like a kid in a bakery. But how was I to cross the lake? My eyes then fell upon the gondola floating on the lake’s surface and I clambered into it as quietly as possible. But I then panicked when I realised I didn’t know how to steer it; I then thought to myself that I just try to drive it as best as I can and hope I can get to the shore before the masked man woke up. I picked up the pole and proceeded to pole myself as quickly as possible to the other side; however I didn’t comprehend the fact it would be as hard as it was to steer this thing. I finally got the boat to move after I don’t know how long and I smiled knowing I was going to get out of this place. But before I could get any further I felt the boat ground to a halt; was it the masked man stopping me from getting anywhere? But when I looked around I couldn’t see him in sight. Before I could start poling my way across the lake again I felt a hand around my ankle and I was pulled into the water before I could even utter a scream. I tried to look for the thing that pulled me into the water but it was so murky I couldn’t see a thing. I could feel my lungs burning and before I knew it the darkness consumed me.

Erik’s POV

When I woke up the first thought that struck me was the fact the girl was nowhere in sight. Had she tried to escape whilst I was asleep? I then heard a small splashing sound almost like someone was trying to row across the lake; I clenched me fists angrily knowing that girl was trying to escape. But why was I angry at her for trying to escape? I know nothing about this girl apart from the fact she can sing and she tried to commit suicide. But why did she try to kill herself that night? I don’t know what made me do it but without putting on my cloak I ran out of the room to the lake to just about see the girl being pulled into the lake. I stood there horrified for a moment realising my siren must have got hold of her and is now in the process of drowning her. No-one knows the true identity of the siren not even myself. I did get almost drowned by her when I came through the lair without Madame Giry and if it wasn’t for her coming down with food I would have most certainly drowned. But what I know for certain is the fact the siren has served me ever since and helps me keep intruders out. Without a moment’s hesitation I jumped in after the girl and attempted to pull her out; but the siren was trying to claim her prize. Eventually I managed to get her out of the siren’s grasp and I proceeded to drag her back to dry land. I just hope I wasn’t too late to save her; but when I checked her pulse it was there but faint and I knew I had to warm her up before she caught hypothermia. I placed her on the couch and lit a fire in the fireplace before promptly getting as many blankets as possible to place over her freezing body. At first I didn’t want to change her out of her wet clothes but for some reason my sense of propriety failed me. I went out of the room leaving her wrapped up in blankets to get a nightgown from the room I had for guests; if I had any guests that is. I went back into the room and changed her as quickly as possible into the nightgown without looking at her any longer than deemed necessary. But something caught my eye and that was the bruises I found covering her body. I wondered for a moment about how she acquired these bruises in the first place? I mean I didn’t see anything that had happened before her attempted suicide and you can’t obtain this many bruises from simple trips and falls; so there must be a logical explanation for the amount of bruises she has on her body. I then decided to make her something to eat before she woke up as she would probably be hungry when she woke up so I left quickly out of the door towards my kitchen. After preparing breakfast for my guest I was about to bring it to her room when I heard a high pitched scream coming from the room where I placed her. Without thinking I dropped the tray and ran to the room like the devil was chasing me. When I got there I could see the girl with sweat glistening on her brow and her eyes wide open in surprise whilst sitting in an upright position on the bed.

“Mademoiselle it’s alright. It was a nightmare nothing more.” I said gently but instead of that calming her she looked at me for a moment with an intense fire in her eyes before being promptly replaced with the feeling of fear. I could see her clutch the bed covers tightly around her body before she began to crawl away from me without breaking her gaze from mine. For some reason a thought struck me that she had such beautiful coloured eyes; it’s a shame they were laced with pain and sadness as well as a hint of anger.

“Please mademoiselle, I’m not going to hurt you.” I explained reassuringly whilst slowly coming towards her like she was a frightened animal. But she kept crawling away and for a moment I was worried she might tear her stitches.

“I’m going to get you some breakfast since you are probably hungry.” I said and I left out of the room.

Angélique’s POV

All I could do was stare into space as the masked man left the room. Why didn’t he hurt me like all other men tended to do? Was he may be waiting for the right moment before he hurt me or even killed me? But could I bring myself to eat the food? What were to happen if he had drugged it or something? But I was broken out of my musing when I heard footsteps approaching my room and before I knew it the masked man was back with a tray full of food in his hands.

“Here I’ll leave it on the side so you can eat alone as I can see you don’t trust me right now. Don’t worry though I haven’t drugged the food or anything.” He explained gently and with that he left it on the side. But all I could bring myself to do was have the drink and the apple that was sitting on the tray as I wasn’t hungry; it was also highly unlikely he would be able to drug it or poison it for that matter. I then looked around the room wondering what I should do next. I then decided I will stay in my room rather than venture out as the masked man could hurt me at any time.

Erik’s POV

After composing for a few hours I decided to see how the girl was doing as I hadn’t heard or seen any sign of her in a while. I went to the guest room and knocked firmly on the door three times. I didn’t hear a reply so I opened the door slowly as to not frighten the poor girl but also give her time to deny me entry. But I didn’t hear anything from her so I entered and what I saw shocked me a little. There was the girl lying on the bed staring at the ceiling and the tray of food I left her this morning was practically untouched apart from the apple and glass of water.

“Are you ok? You’ve hardly touched your breakfast.......shall I make some lunch for you?” I asked curiously. But instead of the girl replying she just stared at me with a frightened look in her eyes. I left her to her own devices and decided to prepare her a small lunch in case she was hungry. But when I got back after 20 minutes or so the girl was still in the same position as when I left her.

“Here I brought you some lunch. I’ll leave it on the table for you and I’ll come back in half an hour to collect your tray.” I explained and with that I left the room.

Angélique’s POV

After the masked man left the room I yet again took the piece of fruit and the water off the tray and consumed them as quickly as possible. But what was I suppose to do now? I listened intently for a moment and realised the masked man wasn’t around. I decided that now was a good time to try and escape again. But when I reached the lake I couldn’t see the gondola in sight and nearly burst into tears when I realised my only way to escape was gone. How was I going to get out of here now?!? I then thought about the fact that the masked man just sometimes appeared out of nowhere and so wondered if there was a secret passage or something somewhere in this place he called home. But how was I to find it in such a large place? I guess the place to start would be in my room and sort of expand my search from there. Once I reached my room I started feeling every part of the wall and even tried feeling the ceiling at one point for a switch or something to open a passageway.

After what felt like hours of looking I fell to my knees in tears knowing it was a fruitless search and before I could even look around the rest of his lair I heard footsteps approach and I decided to hide under the bed hoping he wouldn’t find me under there. I know it seemed childish for me to hide under the bed of all places but for some reason I felt kind of safe being under there and I presumed he wouldn’t find me under there. However I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I heard his footsteps approach ever closer a cold fear clenched around my heart and all noise disappeared around me as I became numb to everything around me.......

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