The Dreams of Angels

Chapter 8

Erik’s POV

I got back and knew almost immediately that something wasn’t quite right. I had been out longer than I had intended as I had some errands to run but the first thing I did was check in on my guest. I reached her ‘room’ and I called out gently.

“ anyone there?” But there was no answer. I looked into the room and saw yet again most of her lunch was untouched apart from the fruit and the water. Was she trying to starve herself? Why would such a beautiful and talented girl want to end it all in such a brutal way? I then looked around the room hoping I could catch a glimpse of her but she as nowhere in sight. Did she try escaping again? Although if she did wouldn’t I have either heard or seen her when I left the lair. I took her tray and left her to her own devices as she still didn’t trust me right now and she might want to rest as I noticed she has had a lot of trouble sleeping lately due to nightmares. I sat myself in front of my organ and tried to compose some music but the melodies were just not there this evening and I realised I had lost my muse. Usually I wrote whatever I felt and I guess I felt so confused and almost frustrated about the girl I took under my wing as she hasn’t spoken or eaten much since she came into my life. Also since the night she was raped she hasn’t sung a single note and so she hasn’t inspired me to write any songs; I guess what I needed right now was a new muse to write stunning arias and world famous operas. I am currently writing an opera called Don Juan Triumphant but there are a lot of parts that are causing me problems including the song that is near the end of the opera before the final aria. Before I could think about the need of a new muse any further I heard a voice and something compelled me to seek out to whom the voice belonged to. Without even grabbing my trademark black cape I followed the sound of the voice hoping I would find its source before it disappeared entirely. Soon enough I found myself in a passageway by the chapel where the sound was at its strongest so I looked in to see a young girl of about seven kneeling in front of the alter in prayer.

“Father you promised you would send an Angel of Music but where is he father? Oh father I miss you so much and I wish I could hear guidance from the Angel of Music.” So she lost her father but something in my heart that I long thought frozen made me feel sorry for her.

Wandering child so lost so helpless. Yearning for my guidance.” I sung gently and I had to stifle a laugh when I saw her look around with wide brown eyes.

“Angel is that you? Please tell me it’s you!!!” She pleaded quickly. I hesitated a moment; why was I debating about lying to the girl or not? I mean I am lying to the managers making me seem like a ghost to them when I am really a man of flesh and blood but could I lie to such a young girl only to probably dash her hopes later?

“Yes my dear. I am the Angel of Music. Your father sent me to teach you to sing; but you have to promise to dedicate yourself entirely to music.” I said gently and I waited on bated breath hoping she would say yes; she just had to as I already had so many melodies running through my head just from listening to her voice alone.

“Yes Angel I promise to dedicate myself to music. When do we start?” She replied eagerly as she stood up quickly with a smile gracing her lips.

“Tomorrow we shall have our first lesson. But for now you must rest as the hour is growing late.” I said gently and I watched with a heavy heart as she skipped out of the door. Why was it my heart felt so empty when she wasn’t there? Had this young girl who was so lost and alone just like me somehow managed to thaw my frozen heart? I realised I had been gone for hours and so went back down to my lair below to see how my young guest was getting on.

Angélique’s POV

It had been several hours since the masked man left or I presume he had left as I hadn’t heard much since hiding under the bed the night before. But was he still here or not? I crawled out from under the bed and listened intently for a moment; when I realised there was no-one around I resumed my search for an escape route and so I decided to next look around the organ as that could be a good place to hide a secret passage. As I looked around the organ I tried everything possible to open some sort of passageway that would lead me to the outside world and then to salvation where I would be able to join my parents for all eternity. But why couldn’t I still find that damned switch?!? I then ran straight into Erik’s room without a second thought knowing there must be some sort of secret passage in there. As I entered the room what stopped me in my tracks was the bed in the centre of the room; it was huge but it looked similar to a coffin. But why would he sleep in something so morbid? Did it have something to do with the mask? I then proceeded to look around the entire room hoping to find a switch or some mechanism to open a passageway. After looking around the entire room my eyes fell upon the large mirror that was covered by a red curtain. Why would he cover the mirror though? I pulled the cover to one side but before I could proceed to look for a switch I heard an almighty bang and I turned around to see the masked man in the doorway.

“What are you doing in my room?” He demanded coldly but all I did was fall to my knees and cower in fear of what he might do to me.

“I will not ask you again; what are you doing in my room?!?” But even though the tone in his voice scared me I couldn’t bring myself to reply to his question. Before I could think of a way to escape he was suddenly in front of me and he had an iron-like grip around my wrist.

“I save your life and give you shelter and this is how you repay me by invading my privacy and rifling through my belongings!” Before I knew it I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks and I became numb to everything that was happening around me. The last thing I remember was being surrounded by darkness and feeling the peace that came with it.

Erik’s POV

After the girl collapsed I lifted up her light frame and placed her under the covers of her bed. Lifting her up made me realise how thin she really was and the fact she hadn’t eaten much since I rescued her nearly two months ago; how has she survived this long without food? Any other person would have collapsed from lack of food by now but she still had the strength to disobey my orders. I decided to still make the girl some dinner in the hopes she will soon learn to trust me and know I would never harm her in anyway. I just hope I didn’t dash any hope of her trusting me by manhandling her the way I did today. After making her soup and including bread and some fruit on the side as well as a glass of water I took the tray to her room. I knocked on the door and waited for her to let me in but soon enough I knew she wasn’t going to say anything so I opened the door slowly to give her the chance to refuse my entry. But when I looked around the room I couldn’t see her in sight and wondered where she could have gone. I put the tray down and left the room to allow her to eat on her own. I just hope that soon she will sing again as I still hear her voice in my dreams sometimes; why did she sing such a haunting melody that night and why hasn’t she spoken a word since I saved her life? Could it be due to the ordeal she suffered before she tried to take her life? I decided to pay Christine a visit so we could start our music lessons as she had so much potential in her voice. After writing a quick note and sticking it under the girl’s door I left out of the lair with a swirl of my cloak as I put it on. I got to the chapel and my eyes fell upon the small girl kneeling on the ground.

“Christine.” I called out in a gentle voice and a moment later she looked up with a little twinkle in her eyes.

“Angel you’re here! I thought you were never going to show!”

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