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Summer's life had collapsed. Her perfect parents are getting a divorced. Her perfect dance career is over. Her and her perfect boyfriend broke up. However she is saved by one force. Music. Join her journey through her artistic career filled with beautiful songs and a whole lot of drama.

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Summer was always a team player. She loved dance and she loved her team but sometimes it goes a bit too far. It is best to leave when things get toxic and that is exactly what she did.

It all started after her parents wanted to get a divorce. She had no siblings so she was always close with her mom and dad. Morevover, she didn’t see it coming when they had told her that basically her life had ended. Her dad left that night after telling her.

She didn’t sleep that night either. She had just cried till there were no more tears to be shed.

That is when Summer became distant to the troupe. As they had just won Regionals they had a whole term until preparations for nationals started so everyone still practiced at a troupe and took classes together.

Everyone had noticed Summer was a bit off she wasn’t as bubbly as she used to be and had not smiled onced that day.

Alas, Summer oppted not to tell them her oarents gad divorced, she didn’t want anyone to think she was weak or she needed special treament. Even though, she wasn’t fine she still didn’t want everyone to know.

Henry came up to her that rehearsal and spoke quietly, “Hey beautiful, are you alright?”

She simply nodded and walked into a corner.

It went downhill from there.

After that, Summer found a new way of comfort in a different art form.

She started writing somgs.

It was as if ther words spilled out of her mouth like a beautiful water fall.

After many failed attempts she soon wrote her own song. It was perfect.

Soon satisfied with her work, Summer then left as she had dance. When she quietly walked into the studio she heard the team talking about her. Behind her back.

She hid behind a pillar amd listened in.

“Guys she has been so distant and it is hurting our team, We need to kick her off because we hate slackers and Summer is slacking!” shouted Richelle.

“Everyone I agree and since I am owner I say it is final.” insisted Emily.

It hurt to know no one stook up for her. Not Kenzie. Not even her own boyfriend!

“Is that so?” Summer questioned walking in.

Everyone stood silent knowing they had screwed up.

“We didn’t mean for you to hear that,” Henry exclaimed

“Oh well then don’t mind me you backstabbing people I used to call me friends,” she replied coldly.

“Hey it is your fault I mean you have been so out of it and un focused you do not deserve to be here!” shouted Richelle.

“Oh is that so well then maybe you don’t care for my reasoning? Well if you wanted know why i’ve been like this is because my parents are getting a divorce. My amaizng family is being split up and I can’t do anything about it. What is more is that I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and you think I am slacking.

You know you call yourself a family and we should trust each other. How can we do that when you can’t even talk behind someone’s back so carelessly.” she shouted back.

Everyone’s mouths were agaped.

“Oh I am so so sorry. Of course we didn’t mean it.” Kenzie quietly said.

“ Save it. I am done with this crap and I am done with this team that includes us Henry.” Summer spat out

Henry had looked hurt but nodded not finding the words.

“Bye everyone have a good life.” she replied walking out with all the sass she had. Leaving the team realising the huge mistake they had made.

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