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Lord Of The Rings: The Witcher


Fae has been around for as long as Galadriel, but her life has been through many different paths of Darkness, so much darkness, so much death that she almost never made it out alive. Fae lost her entire family from her number one enemies known as the “Haradrim.” She never forgave herself for leaving them defenseless with her other people, her kind... In fact she swore an oath to make sure that Her family, her people didn’t die in vain... She still never forgave & never forgot. And yet some time in her life span is about to change.

Fantasy / Action
Trina Archuleta
Age Rating:

Chapter One: Rivendell and new friends

Gemini strolls through the garden admiring the beauty of nature that we all should still be great for... and

for what she is among one of her abilities she has the upmost sharp hearing, she sits on top of a large

bolder quietly listening to sounds of the wind, the birds chirp, the water, even the elves that are inside the

building. Gemini hears footsteps walking by her and startles the person “I can hear you 10 feet away from

where I’m at...” not even turning her head but turns her eyes to the left

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