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I am Unicorn part 2

There's a part 2!

Sorry I wanted to get it up yesterday but I went to a bakery course: D and I was absolutely shattered afterwards.

"Hi honey, how did the audition go? You didn't ring me last night, I was worried" Blaine said entering the choir room and hugging his boyfriend from behind.

"I saw from the many sappy messages you left me. Sorry I was up most of the night sewing."

"You love my sappy messages," Blaine said gripping Kurt's shoulders to turn him around so that they were facing. "Are you making yourself a new outfit?"

"Costume actually, Rachel and I are doing a scene from Romeo and Juliet as another audition piece later."

"Another audition piece? "

Kurt looked down at his feet to avoid the shorter boys stare "yes" he breathed "another audition. Apparently the judges don't think I'm manly enough to be able to handle the role of Tony."

"Not manly enough?" Blaine repeated shocked, he felt like a broken record repeating everything that Kurt was saying but he couldn't believe any of this would happen. "You've got to be kidding me?"

Kurt kept his eyes fixed to the floor; the few tears running down the delicate boy's face showed Blaine that he was indeed not kidding.

"I'm sorry, that you had to go through that babe," Blaine said eventually, rubbing his hands up and down Kurt's arms reassuringly "I'm sure that you and Rachel will kill the scene, break a leg."

"Thanks" Kurt sniffed "I'll see you later. "

"Ok call me when you're done, I'll be in here practicing."

Blaine looked up from the piano to see his phone ringing. Instantly recognizing the caller ID he smiled.

"Hi babe, how did it go?"

"B-B-Blaine can you come and get me?" Kurt sobbed

"Of course honey, where are you?"

"Under the bleachers, I had to get out of there."

"I'm coming Kurt" Blaine said abandoning his practice session and running through the halls.

"Kurt!" he yelled hanging up the call as he spotted his weeping boyfriend. Blaine embraced the boy dressed in Elizabethan style clothing. "Its ok baby just let it all out I've got you."


"Its okay Kurt, you're safe. What did they do?"

"They all l-laughed at me." Kurt hiccupped

Blaine looked up confused, they laughed at him? Why would Azimio laugh at Kurt that was not his usual style? Oh, the curly haired boy realised (maybe the gel he was using was affecting his brain just like Kurt had told him.) Kurt's audition.

"Who laughed at you honey?"

"All of them, the judges, Rachel..." Kurt broke down into another bout of sobs and Blaine felt compelled to wrap his arms around the taller boy.

"Shh, it's ok," he comforted "let me take you home."

"o-ok" Kurt choked.

Burt Hummel had had a busy day at the garage and wanted to nothing more than sit in front of the TV and watch deadliest catch, obviously fate was against him when he saw his son walk in, eyes red rimmed and tear stained.

"Kurt's had a bit of a bad day," Blaine eventually said, not letting go of his grip on Kurt's hand "would it be ok if I stay here for a few hours?"

Burt looked baffled, surely it was supposed to be Kurt asking him if Blaine could come over, not the over way round. " you want to stay for dinner?"

Again it's kinda short, I thought about delving into what happens after Blaine's audition but I'm looking forward to the show doing that for me (and judging by the pictures it should be good: D) Sorry about the ending :S

I'm not sure how I feel about the new character (is that ambiguous enough so not to be spoilerish?) But I won't rant and rave about that...On here anyway lol

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