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Asain F

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A word on Asain F - to those who haven't seen it yet look away-

Oh My Wizard God- I loved the Klaine bit but I needed more lol

To all the Mercedes hate, yes she was a bit silly but I kind of get where she's coming from. Mr Shue was horrible to her, Shane was only trying to be supportive but a bit tooo much if you ask me

also my hate flame for Rachel Berry is back ugh although I have my glee audition today and I asked myself this morning 'What would Rachel Berry Do' hence why I am wearing knee high socks- maybe that wasn't such a good idea

Kurt looked up from his calculus homework to see his phone vibrating and Blaine's smiling face looking up at him.


"I'm sorry Kurt"

"Are you cancelling on me Blaine? You're supposed to be coming for dinner."

"No, no I'm still coming if you'll still let me…"

"What are you talking about honey? Of course I want you to come here."

"Will you let me finish my sentence?"


"That's what I wanted to say, I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry about?"

"I'm just so sorry that I didn't have enough courage to kiss you on the stairs earlier, you gave me roses and I just couldn't do anything," Blaine's choked up and Kurt could tell that his boyfriend was crying.

"It's ok honey, I know it's hard for us with all those homophobes around, but I love you and I know that you wanted to kiss me right?"

"So, so badly."

Kurt smiled but realising that Blaine couldn't see his face said "It will get better."

"I can't wait to move to New York with you."

"Me neither. Well I better go start making the dinner, see you soon I love you."

"I love you too Kurt, see you soon."

A few hours later Carole opened the front door

"Hello Blaine, how are you? I haven't seen you for a few days, is everything alright?" she asked wrapping the dark curly-haired boy in her arms

"I'm good thanks Carole" He started to say, making his way into the kitchen, where he knew Kurt would be situated, "Sorry I haven't really visited you recently, I went to see my grandparents over the weekend and the weeks been pretty hectic."

"Don't worry honey; we're glad you're here now." Carole said before leaving the two boys in the kitchen.

Blaine watched Carole walk away before moving towards the oven where his 'baby penguin' was standing stirring the pot of casserole. "Hey sexy penguin, I missed you."

Kurt felt Blaine breathe into his ears and shivered at the feeling.

"Your one to talk Mr Dapperpants. How much did you miss me? I only talked to you a few hours ago."

"That's more than enough time for me to miss you."

"Well go and miss me some more and go set the table" Kurt instructed playfully swatting Blaine's ass.

The shorter boy complied, the boys who were always so reserved at school were free to show each other as much affection as they wanted at home free of disapproving eyes.

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