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AF part 2

Seriously want to scream right now! Uni is being a bit of a..well what can I say...just ugh. I'm like uber confused and stressed and I'm only two weeks into the year. But I won't rant at you. I'll just go off somewehere and cry lol. However on a positive note, all my my pent up emotions led to a new chapter YAY!

Because we all know that Klaine makes life better lol and if I can't have new episodes I'll just make something up :D

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Blaine wiped the tears from the other boy's eyes before turning his attention back to the steering wheel. "We'll be back soon." He assured the crying boy in the passenger seat as he pulled out and start heading towards the Hudmel house.

Kurt could not believe Rachel, he thought that they were friends and she…and she…Kurt was unable to even think about what Rachel had done, he felt so betrayed. Admittedly Kurt had been through worse and some of it had been due to Rachel no less, but the less he thought about the Rachel Berry Trainwreck Extravaganza the better.

Kurt and Rachel had to come to blows a few times before that as well, mostly about solos in Glee club. But this, this about NYADA, not some silly high school Glee club. He had bigger fish to fry.

With the presidency under his belt Kurt felt that he would be able to change things at McKinley. He could at least try to stop all the hate against people who were different. His first order of business would of course be to ban the slushy machine.

All the pent up emotions were now freely running down Kurt's face and Blaine was unable to do anything. (Mainly because he was driving but still) It wasn't too long before they arrived in the drive way of the Hudmel house and the two boys embraced as if this was their last time.

"I love you" Blaine whispered into his lover's ear as he was at a loss at what else to say.

Kurt reluctantly pulled himself out of Blaine's hold. "Will you come for dinner?"

"Of course, anything for you."

Kurt gave his boyfriend a half smile; although he was utterly crushed Kurt loved to hear that Blaine would jump through hoops (figuratively speaking) just for him.

Finn was so confused. Rachel was running for president now too? What the hell was he supposed to do? How could he choose between his girlfriend and his brother? ARRRRRGH! Why is life so confusing! He asked himself slamming his car door. Finn vaguely registered Blaine's car in the driveway as he walked up to the front door. Well at least Kurt got home, seeing as I forgot to wait for him he thought.

"Finn is that you?" Carole called as the door shut.

"Yes. What's going on?" Finn asked when he walked into the living room to find boxes strewn across the floor.

"We're having a spring clean."

"But isn't it like October?"

"Yes Finnegan," Kurt said coming into the room followed by Blaine, each carrying more boxes. "Spring Cleaning is just a phrase; it doesn't mean that you should only have a sort out in the spring."

"Oh" Finn volunteered aloud scratching his head. Why were things always so confusing?

"Right you boys sort through these," Carole said indicating towards a stack of bulging boxes "while I go and put the dinner on, is pasta alright sweetie?" she asked looking at Blaine.

The curly haired boy looked up from the box that he had commandeered "Yes that sounds perfect. Thanks Carole."

What a suck-up Finn thought as he moved to find an unoccupied box.

A few minutes passed in silence as three boys set about sorting the contents of their individual boxes into yes, maybe and no piles before…"Awwww, Kurt you were such an adorable baby" Blaine exclaimed.

"Nooo, give it here!" Kurt bolted towards his boyfriend and tackled him to the ground "give it to me. Blaine Everett Anderson give it to me right now or I'll steal all your hair gel and burn it."

"Damn it" Blaine reluctantly released his grip on the photo and Kurt extracted his limbs from around the other boy's body. But before Kurt had even taken two steps towards his pile, he was attacked by the shorter boy. "Death by tickling Kurt Hummel unless you give me that picture."

"I hate you."

"Nah-ah you looooooooooooooove me."

"No, I really, really hate you right now."

Finn decided that he couldn't take anymore and made his presence known. "Guys please, I'm here too you know. Get. A. Room"

"Sorry Finn." The lovebirds chorused and returned to their stations. Unfortunately the tickling attack had sent many of the papers and photographs all over the floor and thus the job took a lot longer than anticipated. The boys sighed a collective sigh of relief when they were eventually called for dinner. Less than half of the boxes were sorted and the boys assumed that this meant that they were going to be in for a long night. At least Blaine got to go home.

OK I don't even know what happened. I was going along the lines of the episode and then it reered off track...whoopsies

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