Blaine for dinner

ANTM and a road trip?

So funny story, well it's not actually that funny, not at all really, its actually quite depressing. So I'm like about a month into the term at uni and for 2 of my 3 modules (the 3rd being my dissertation so that doesn't really count) I still don't know what I'm supposed to be doing or have any clue really and now I'm ill so RL really sucks at the moment and I don't have Glee to cheer me up *sobs* so if anyone wants to buy me a life-size cardboard cut-out of Kurt… feel free lol

In other news I want to apologise for not updating for what feels like aaaages now. A mixture of writers block and RL getting in the way, sorry guys. I have recently received a series of reviews so that put me up to writing this (sorry if it sucks)

"Kurt hurry up it's starting" Blaine called from the sofa

"I'm coming" the other boy grumbled entering the room from the kitchen carrying a tray of cookies and three piping hot mugs. Of all the TV shows that Kurt liked to watch, the only one that Finn didn't mind watching was American's Next Top Model, whereas Kurt and Blaine appreciated the fashion and the photo-shoots, Finn was only there for the scantily clad women and bitch- fights.

Finn would have preferred to watch the show in silence so that he could fully appreciate the female form. Alas this was not the case as Kurt had to interject every few seconds. "Sweet gaga did you see what she was wearing on her head," "That was awful, I could even do better than that." "Smize girls!"

"Dude, please shut up some of us are trying to watch this."

"Don't call me that and your only here to ogle so don't even try that line on me Finnegan."

Luckily for Finn, who was yet to come up with a comeback, Burt decided on that very moment to walk into the room.

"Good news guys, how do you fancy a weekend in Cleveland?"

Kurt screamed, like full on actually screamed and ran over to envelope his Dad "Yes, yes, yes 1000 times yes, do you know how good the shopping there is, the malls are huge."

"Calm down kiddo, I haven't told you what for yet."

Kurt stepped back and eyed his father suspiciously "what do you mean exactly?"

"We're going to see the game." Burt cried triumphantly.

Blaine and Finn looked shocked

"What like all of us?" Finn asked

"We're making a guys' weekend of it," you're coming too of course Blaine." Burt added noticing that the curly haired teenager starting to turn away from the group gathered in the lounge with a look of pure jealousy in his eyes.

"Wow, Thank you Burt but I could never accept, you want to spend time with your sons and I'd just get in the way."

"That's not true, you're like a son to me Blaine, your round here enough times." he chuckled

"Well if Blaine's coming I'm sold," Kurt said grinning like a Cheshire cat "Thanks Dad."

"Right well that's settled then, it's in two weeks, you'll just have to get excused from your last lesson so that we can leave early. whose up for ordering in some pizza?"

I'm not American so does this chapter make sense/work I was originally going to send them to New York for the weekend but maybe not.

I'm sorry I'm really short on ideas so if any of you lovely readers could send me a prompt that would be amazing.

Did you know that Blaine for Dinner is my longest story like EVER woop woop!

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