Blaine for dinner

Road Trip part 2

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"Finn ow get your arm out of my face!"

Maybe this road trip wasn't such a good idea Burt thought as Finn and Kurt started elbowing each other on the backseat. At least Blaine got to go home when they got back, he had to put up with these two full time.

True to their word the boys had all left their classes early and were waiting outside the school for Burt to pick them up. Blaine had dropped off his overnight bag at the Hudmel house the day before so that none of the boys had to bring their bags with them to school. At the time it had seemed a good idea to put Blaine in the front seat as he got travel sick, however the constant bickering between the two siblings was starting to change Burt's mind.

Luckily the roads were relatively quiet so they managed to make the journey in good time. Burt was planning to take the boys out for dinner once they had checked in at the hotel.

"So boys here's the plan, Kurt you know I trust you and Blaine but you're going to share a room with me and Blaine you're bunking with Finn."

Kurt looked like he wanted to argue but reluctantly nodded. Finn sharing a bed with his dad might have been a bit weird.

"Once we get there," Burt continued "I'll check us in; we'll drop off our stuff and go out for dinner. Yes Kurt you can have some time to get changed." he added as an afterthought. Burt knew his son would want to get changed out of the clothes he'd been wearing all day. God forbid if Kurt had to wear the same outfit in the evening as he wore during the day.

"Sooo," Blaine started to say once he and Finn had got to their room "what side of the bed do you want."

"No offence dude, but I don't really want to share a bed with you."

"None taken, but the hotel messed up and gave us a double instead of a twin room so you can either pick a side or sleep on the floor, your call."

Finn groaned "Fine I'll have the left side."

"Glad we came to some arrangement" Blaine said throwing his bag down on the right side and laying down.

"Dude, what are you doing? We're going out for pizza."

"Kurt's getting changed first, we could be waiting for ages."

"True, how do you put up with that, it drives me crazy."

Blaine shrugged "I love him."

Finn nodded, although he would be hard pushed to admit it, he loved his brother too, even if he was a pain sometimes.

And its really kinda short bad times

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