Blaine for dinner

Pot o' Gold

I had a massive AN planned out for this (yes thats right I wrote the AN beforehand and everything) but I'm too tired

so I shall just apologise for the lateness and the shortness sorry :(

"Blaine that hat looks ridiculous on you try this one."

"what's wrong with the flat cap?" the curly haired boy asked checking himself out in the mirror.

Kurt and Blaine were sitting on Kurt's bed trying on hats from the fashionista's collection

"nothing is wrong with it, in fact I quite like it. It just doesn't look right."

Blaine pouted and then spotted another hat in the collection.

"Kurtie please can I try the top hat?."

"Firstly don't call me that," Kurt snapped "and secondly, it'll make you look like the mad hatter."

"yes and?" Blaine asked grabbing the hat that Kurt had worn on the day that he had returned to Mckinley. Blaine balanced the hat on the top of his head and turned to face his boyfriend pouting and posing like a model.

"Because honey, your not a character from Alice in wonderland."

"You wound me." Blaine frowned. That was until he saw the straw fedora on the shelf. "Oh this is defiantly the one ."

Kurt laughed. "Baby your head is bigger than hat will be too small for you."

Kurt moved to take the latest hat from Blaine's grasp but the other boy swatted him away.

"I'm still wearing it, it suits me." Blaine said adjusting the hat and admiring himself in the mirror.

"Please don't."

"Tough luck my love, I'm going to."

"Is there anything I can do to convince you not to?" Kurt asked

"Nope" the boy in the too-small hat replied leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend on the nose.

"well if you insist." Kurt said defeated

"You love losing to me."

"No, I love winning, its only because it's you that I don't mind losing."

Blaine shrugged "All's fair in love and war."

"You never said a truer word my love, now would you like to help me make some chicken cordon bleu for tonight."

"yes please."

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