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The First Time

So I had barely recovered from the incredibleness of The First Time (yes I watched it twice in two days just to make sure that I didn't miss anything and I'm quite tempted to watch it again because it was soooooo good) and then I saw the Rumour has it/ someone like you video and OMG I was dead on the floor (and the repeat button was slightly abused lol)

Disclaimer –I own nothing *sobs* If I did the Klaine would never end

"So have you got them?"

"Yes, Sebastian gave them to me when I went round to Dalton after school." Blaine said laying the fake ID's on the table.

As Burt and Carole were away campaigning Kurt had asked Blaine to come over for dinner before heading to Scandals. The only force they had to reckon with now was Finn but as he was so preoccupied by the thought of the Ohio football scout coming that Kurt hoped that would be able to forgo any awkward questions about what he was planning to do that evening.

It wasn't that Kurt was ashamed that he was going to a gay bar, more like just a little bit embarrassed.

In any case, Finn owed him one, you didn't actually think that Finn prepared the entire meal for himself and Rachel on his own did you?

Kurt spoke or rather thought too soon, "Guys what they are?" Finn asked walking into the kitchen.

"They are our fake ID's" Blaine supplied

"Fake ID's?" Kurt could hear the cogs whirring in Finn's head "but why…..Kurt, you can't go as your big brother I forbid it."

Kurt snorted "Big brother? Finn I'm older than you."

"Yes and I'm taller. Where are you going to anyway?"

Kurt and Blaine and glanced at each other nervously before Blaine took the initiative and answered "Scandals," Finn looked perplexed and so Blaine carried on "the gay bar in west Lima."

Finn gulped "Oh right." He didn't really want to know that his (little) brother was going to a gay bar, weren't those places supposed to be seedy?

"Finn stop worrying, I'll be fine, I'm not going to drink if that's what you're worried about and Blaine will be there."

Blaine looked at his boyfriend adoringly, he would never let anything happen to Kurt, and he loved him so much.

"Well who wants dinner? We need to eat before we go out, I can't have you," Kurt looked pointedly at Blaine "drink on an empty stomach."

Wow that was short and most probably sucked :S

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