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Its the mash-off chapter! - I've got a mixed bag of feelings on this episode. I really liked Finn in The First Time but I went back to hating him again in this one but I'll keep my ranting to a minimum and present you with this chapter:

"That's going to leave a horrible bruise." Kurt said cleaning the cut on Blaine's knee that he had got from that afternoons dodgeball game.

"I think I'll live," Blaine sighed and placed his thumb under Kurt's chin and titled his boyfriend's face upwards so that they were looking at each other "and if not, I've got a very attentive and caring nurse to look after me." Kurt smiled and leant forwards to kiss the curly haired boy.

"I meant Finn," Blaine laughed and instead of a kiss, was met by a light swat on his arm. Kurt laughed at Blaine's shocked face before turning to sit on his bed next to Blaine frowning.

"I was only kidding." Blaine said resting his head on Kurt's shoulder. "Baby are you ok?" he asked noticing Kurt's expression

"Hmmmm, yes I was just thinking. You know how when I went to see Sue the other day and she said that I needed a cause."

Blaine hummed, encouraging his boyfriend to continue.

"Well I think I've found that cause. Will you help me to write my speech?"

"Of course I will sexy.

Downstairs in the kitchen Carole was fuming. Married to a donkey indeed.

"Carole, please don't take it personally. Sue is trying to mess with our heads." Carole sobbed and Burt pulled his wife into a tight embrace. "You're beautiful Carole. I love you so much. We have two wonderful sons don't let her take that away from us."

"Thank you Burt," she sniffed "will you help me with the vegetables?"

"Of course honey, Although no carrots for you donkey."

"Ow" Burt moaned as Carole hit him across the back of the head and he's bald so it hurt.

"I love you too baboon heart."

The next day after the debate.

As soon as Figgans had concluded the debate Blaine was on his feet and rushing towards where Kurt was sat.

"Well done Kurt that was amazing."

"Thank you," Kurt said standing up, glancing behind his shoulder at Rachel Kurt took Blaine's hand "Could you just take me home?"

"Well," Blaine started "We could but your Dad and I were kind of hoping that you'd come out to dinner with us."

"Well I suppose I could be persuaded." Kurt mumbled into Blaine's ear as the two hugged.

"I'm really surprised that Rachel stood down," The fashionista continued "I mean it was just so nice."

"That's not fair babe, she can be nice on occasion."

"Yes but not when it's a competition involved."

Blaine laughed, "that's true," he hadn't forgotten to the hostility that the girl had shown towards him last year.

Its really short again sorry :(

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