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Spoilers for HOTS obviusly as this is a chapter about this very episode

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"Errrm Blaine do you err... do you want to come for dinner?" The taller boy asked uncomfortably looking around the gym. "We could talk set lists and stuff."

"Finn are you asking me out?" Finn did a double take what? No? "Cos I'm kind of in love with your brother."

"errrrm yeah, he's worried about you. You might want to call him. I told him that I would come and talk to you but he's worried about you."

"ok" Blaine said getting out his phone. Finn had been right and Kurt was indeed worried as the 5 missed calls showed. Wasting no time Blaine was already calling his boyfriend and lamely waved at Finn as he left the room.

"Hello, Blaine, are you ok? I was so worried about you, where are you?" Kurt gushed picking up on the second ring.

"firstly Kurt calm down, I'm fine. I actually called to tell you that I'm coming to dinner tonight so you better start planning what outfit to wear."

"you're coming...what?"

Blaine chuckled; he loved it when he could make Kurt flustered.

"I'll see you at seven" he said hanging up and going back to hitting the punch bag.

"Sam can you pass the salt please." Carole asked once all 5 men were sat down.

"So Sam are you living here now?" Blaine asked the new addition to the Hudmel dinner table.

"Yes, over the school week anyway and I go home at weekend," turning to address Burt and Carole Sam added "Thank you for letting me stay here."

"Of course, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want."

"Thanks Mr Hummel"

"It's Burt kiddo"

"Right yeah, Sorry"

The Hudson-Hummel's plus Blaine and Sam ate in silence after that and it wasn't until the dishes were being cleared that Finn broached the subject of sectionals

"So guys I was thinking for sectionals as we're like a big family…"

"A big dysfunctional family." Kurt interjected

"Err yeah well that's why I thought that we could like some Jackson 5 stuff and some MJ."

"Hmm that could work. How would you go about splitting the parts?" Blaine asked sceptically.

"We'll have to talk to Mr Shue but I thought the three of us could split man in the mirror."

Kurt, who had followed the conversation avidly, took this opportunity to interject. "The three of us?"

"Err….yeah…me, Sam and Blaine."

"Riiiight, not leaving anyone out are you Finn."

"You could sing solo on another song."

Blaine noticed the hurt in his boyfriend's eyes as he was cut off and squeezed hi hand reassuringly.

"Who are you boys up against?" Carole asked coming back into the dining room with some cheesecake.

"The troubletones of course and The unitards."

"The unitards what kind of a gay name is that." Sam burst out earning glares from Blaine and Kurt "Sorry."

"And then there'll most likely be Vocal Adrenaline at regionals…"

"And the Warblers." Kurt added

"They won?"

"Don't look so surprised Finn. Even without Blaine as their lead man they are still pretty good."

"Thanks Kurt, yeah we went to see their Sectionals last week it was really good."

"Well don't start thinking about the next level before you pass this one. You've got sectionals to win first boys." Burt said scooping a mouthful of cheesecake into his mouth.


Kind of short but I have a reason. There is an additional chapter that would go into the ' Blaine for dinner outtakes' so if you want to see that you know what you have to do (if you don't basically just review)

So what did you think of the episode. I really do not like what they are doing to Quinn. I don't really like Quinn's character to start with but she literally has no redeeming qualities now

Also I was not impressed with the Kurt/Sebastian talk I was hoping for full on uber bitch Queen Kurt and was left wanting Booooooooooo!

But yay for Blaine singing control uber swooon alert :D

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