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Born this way

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The next time Blaine came for dinner was during the week that Kurt returned to McKinley. On the Friday when Blaine was supposed to be coming over Kurt had a Glee rehearsal after school so Blaine had volunteered to pick him up . He would have also taken Finn as well but Frankenteen had declined mumbling something about Klaine sweetness giving him cavities.

Blaine pulled up into the McKinley lot a few minutes earlier than anticipated . He got out of his car and was wandering around wondering what to do with himself while he waited. Blaine thought that he heard music coming from the auditorium and decided to investigate. Unfortunately he arrived too late as the song had just ended as he came bounding through the doors at the back of the room but standing front and center on the stage was his boyfriend looking hot as hell.

On seeing Blaine's flushed face Kurt bid his hasty goodbyes and ran up the aisle to meet his boyfriend.

"Hi" he said wrapping his arms around Blaine

"Hey," Blaine replied, his eyes taking in Kurt's fine physique "nice shirt."

"do you like it?"

"I love it"

"you know I wanted it to say likes Blaine but the assignment was to write something that we were born with that we had to accept about ourselves"

"likes Blaine eh? well mine would say likes Kurt regardless because I think I was born to like you"


Blaine nodded "Although I think you'd look better without the shirt on" he teased

Ok maybe that was the wrong thing to say because it earnt him a slap.

"Ow" Blaine pouted "shall we go then my love? your chariot awaits"

"Lead the way good sir"

"We're eating at Breadstix tonight is that alright Blaine?" Carole called from the kitchen once the two boys arrived at the house.

"That sounds wonderful Carole," he replied walking to the sofa and letting Kurt go upstairs to get changed although he desperately wanted to go upstairs too he thought that it might be a bit inappropriate as Burt and Carole were both in the house and he hadn't been dating Kurt for very long. Blaine slumped down in the seat next to Finn and watched the football while they waited to go.

"Hey man"

"Hey Finn, you aright? nice shirt by the way"

"Err thanks," Finn said tugging at his glee assignment shirt. The one that said 'can't dance' although Blaine hoped he would be forgiven for not noticing it before when New Directions were performing as he had only had eyes for Kurt (and his hips sdfghdhhgklj)

"Don't worry I can't dance either"

"Yeah but I bet your 'moves haven't broke anyone's nose"

Well no Blaine thought but he was spared having to answer by Kurt's re-appearance

"He hasn't broken any noses as far as I can tell but many chairs have broken because of Mr Dapperpants here jumping all over the furniture"

Blaine sulked " your mean"

"yup I know, I'm a bitch deal with it," Kurt squeezed himself into the gap on the seat between his boyfriend and his brother "sit up honey you look like a 5 year old sulking like that, you make me look like a pedophile."

Finn tired of the two's antics threw a pillow at Kurt's head (dangerous at the best of times) " OMG you two shut up! you sound like a bickering married couple, its exhausting."

Luckily Kurt had no time to retort as the boys were called to go. The short drive was thankfully quite peaceful even though the Hudmel's plus Blaine all squeezed into one car, thus meaning that the three boys were squished in the back. "move your arm Kurt"

"well shrink your legs Frankenteen, your taking up all the room." yes, very peaceful Carole sighed.

"Did you make a reservation Sir?"

"Yes, the name's Hummel, table for 5"

"Right this way Sir" the waitress said leading the motley crew to the far side of the restaurant.

"We come here pretty regularly" Kurt explained as they sat down in their usual booth .

"What can I say its my favorite restaurant " Burt countered

"Yeah, we came here on our first date didn't we honey" Carole said rubbing circles across the back of Burt's hand

"Excuse me, whilst I go hurl"

"I think I need to go too"

"sit down boys," Carole snapped at her sons

"Well I think its sweet Carole, Kurt and I like to frequent the Lima Bean as often as possible, we nearly know all the staff on a first name basis"

Kurt blushed "The moment you knew my coffee order I knew it was fate"

"I think I really need to hurl now" Finn deadpanned

"I'm sorry, have you and Quinn not got somewhere special?"


"The hot tub does not count"

"I hate you"

"I hate you too"

Burt leaned over to Blaine's side of the table and said in a stage whisper so that everyone could hear "I think I preferred it when Kurt had a crush on Finn at least there was less bickering"

Blaine choked on his water...sorry what. His face said it all

"Sorry did Kurt not tell you?"

"Dad, please just shut up, you promised that you'd never mention that like ever again"

"What changed your mind Kurt? Finn's so tall and well I'm not"

"Please, please shut up" Blaine had expected this last remark to come from Kurt but the words appeared to have come from Finn's mouth.

"Well," Carole said jumping into the conversation " Finn managed to get us kicked out of the house for a few months."

"Sorry mum, I didn't mean to" Finn said to Carole

"what happened?"

"Blaine, it doesn't matter it was a long time ago"

"so your not going to tell me? is that it? how many other secrets are you going to keep from me?"

Kurt looked wounded, he didn't want to hurt Blaine, he didn't actually think this would matter.

"Can I tell you later? not in the middle of the restaurant"

"Ok, fine but your telling me, your not getting away with this"

Kurt grimaced and looked pleadingly at his father. " Right whose ready to order?"

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