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Oh hey there , yes amazingly I am still alive. Uni work has been horrendous so that's why this story/drabble/not even sure what it is hasn't really happened lately, but I got an anonymous review the other day (anonymous so I can't reply directly so I hope that you take this as my heartfelt gratitude towards you) saying that they missed this story. It was so cute and lovely and well yes this is the result: (I hope that it doesn't suck too much even if it is drastically short)

I have given up on trying to come up with a chapter for the Christmas episode so am just going to skip that and move on to yes/no:

"Blaine!" Kurt yelled as he was once again splashed in the face " your ruining my hair"

The shorter boy laughed "honey your hair's already wet, a little more water is not going to make all that much difference."

"I hate you " Kurt mumbled bofore turning away and swimming to the other side of the pool where the rest of New Directions were wrestling atop each other's shoulders,purposefully kicking out to splash Blaine in the face

"Hey!" Blaine moaned rubbing his eyes which were very sensitive, as Kurt should know, once he had regained his vision, the boy set off in pursuit, a feat that was not too hard to achieve seeing as Blaine was the faster swimmer out of the pair. "Take that back" Blaine demanded as he reached Kurt and the rest of the glee club .

"Take what back B?"

"You don't hate me do you?"

"Of course I don't silly, all that hair gel is really messing with your brain." Kurt smiled at his boyfriend trying to get him to smile back, when this didn't achieve the required affect Kurt nuzzled himself close to the curly haired boy so that his head was resting in the crook of Blaine's neck "I'm sorry, I love you, "

"That's better" Blaine said pretending to sniff

Kurt giggled "Do you want to get the showers before the rest of the boys get out?"

"Gladly, lead the way my prince"

"Can you pass the peas please Carole?"

"So boys how was school?" Burt asked between mouthfuls of the shepherd's pie that Kurt and Blaine had prepared that afternoon.

"It was really good" Kurt grinned catching Blaine's eye and winking " Mr Schue proposed to Mrs Pillsbury today, it was really cute,he did in the swimming pool and we did a big number with the synchroinsed swimming team ."

"Yes" Blaine agreed "it was really cute, I even got Kurt to go swimming."

"a mean feat," Burt agreed " this guy never goes swimming voluntarily, something about the chemicals and his hair."

Blaine, Burt and Carole laughed much to kurt's chagrin yet Finn remained oddly quiet. Kurt had noticed his step-brother had hardly uttered three words since they had got in . He decided to vocalise his concerns " Finn are alright, your being awfully quiet."

"mmm yes fine, can I be excused?" Finn asked rising out of his chair "I think I need a lie down, I don't feel so good."

"Of course honey, do you need anything?" Carole said putting her hand to Finn'[s forehead to feel for a temperature

"No, no I'm fine" Finn said before all but fleeing the room.

"What happened to him today?" Burt asked shocked

"Did Finn really just asked to be excused?" Kurt said equally schocked.

Blaine just helped himself to the pie that Finn had left behind, Finn leaving food on his plate was a rarity and it was damn good pie, well that was his excuse when Kurt scalded him later for being greedy.

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