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I went home this weekend, Ok so it's not the weekend anymore but hence why I have managed two chapters in quite quick(ish) succession I tend to write well on trains god knows why. Anyway I apologise that Blaine is not actually going to dinner at the Hudmel's abode, for viewers of this episode I think the reasons are quite clear although *spoilers* having a pirate round for tea would be quite the adventure if you ask me

Many, many thanks to ImDefyingGravity13 and funkyfifi for your kind words, I am indeed back betches and I love you all too

Anyway enough from me, onwards and upwards:


Kurt stared accusingly at Sebastian's retreating form as he left the Lima Bean before turning and venting his anger towards his boyfriend.

"How could you tell them about MJ?" Rachel asked

"It's like a Jesse take two" Santana moaned

Kurt however remained silent. Rising, he nodded in acknowledgement to the two girls and also left the coffee shop. Somehow he managed to walk calmly towards his Navigator, yet he was reeling inside. How could Blaine be doing this to him? He had promised Kurt that he had blocked that evil, conniving meerkat from his Facebook and yet there was proof that they were still talking to each other, he had even given away the set list for pity's sake.

Kurt groaned as he sat down in the driver's seat and sunk his head into his hands so that he was leaning over the wheel. Why was life so hard? He still hadn't heard back from NYADA, Finn was still being awkward and now Blaine, his Blaine, the dapper, courageous, polite, respectful (ok stop with the compliments Kurt he's the one who's at fault here) was lying to him. It wasn't even a 'not telling you the whole truth' kind of lie, he full on lied to my face. Kurt hit the wheel causing him to honk the horn and jolting his thoughts back to reality. Well damn he thought I'm in the middle of the Lima Bean car park having a nervous breakdown. Without wanting to draw any more attention to himself than would be necessary Kurt quickly drove away. He couldn't be bothered to confront Blaine about this matter today; it could wait till another time.

Well now Blaine was confused, he could understand why the rest of ND would be annoyed at him, he did spill some vital information to the competition after all but Kurt? Why Kurt was not talking to him? Blaine was baffled but hoped that his idea of taking things to the street would win Kurt round. Kurt liked it when Blaine acted all macho and that was the point right? To impress Kurt.

Bad idea Anderson

As the epic rendition of Bad drew to a close Blaine saw red, literally. This couldn't be happening, not to Kurt. Blaine was hardly thinking when he pushed his boyfriend away and jumped forwards to deflect the slushie away from Kurt and take it for him instead.

Holy Wizard God!

Now Blaine was not an expert on knowing what it felt like to have a slushie thrown at him, not like Kurt he thought, but this, this could not be normal. Pain, sheer utter pain was throbbing through Blaine's right eye. The normally dapper boy fell to floor writhing and screaming and Oh my god make it stop please Kurt make it stop.

Forgetting that he was, in fact in a mood with Blaine and ignoring him Kurt only had to take one glance at his poor boyfriend before he was on his hands and knees calling for Finn and Puck and everyone, anyone to help him. "Blaine shhh, it's OK honey, we're going to take care of you it's going to be alright."

"Blaine! Blaine!" Kurt shrieked down the phone "I got it! I got a letter!"

"Kurt calm down its my eye that's hurt, not my ears. I can hear you perfectly fine."

"Sorry" Kurt mumbled "But I'm so excited, can we come over after school? I promised my Dad that he could tell you."

"Of course you can come visit me; I'm awfully bored and could do with the company." I'll see you later my love."

"Kay see you soon I love you B"

"Love you too Kurt"

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