Blaine for dinner

The Spanish Teacher

So I was going to wait a while before posting this chapter but then I watched 'Heart' and OMG OMG OMG! my mind was literally blown in the last two minutes ugh amazing but I won't give anything away...promise

"Blaine, I think you may have competition" Kurt said in a monotone upon entering Blaine's bedroom and settling himself down on the bed. This room had become a regular meeting place for the boys recently but it wasn't like they had much choice as Blaine's eye was still recovering from surgery, (A/N read Darren's away on Broadway quick we need an excuse for Blaine to be out of the picture for a while) it was a miracle that Mrs Anderson even let Kurt go up there every day as the doctor had told Blaine that he needed rest and well he didn't exactly do that when Kurt visited. (No not like that Kurt wouldn't take advantage of an invalid like that.)

"Competition?" Blaine asked his face paling, "Who?"

"The new Spanish teacher, he's sexy and he knows it."

"He did not"

"Oh but Blainey dearest he did."

"Oh god" Blaine cried "How can I compete with that?" he asked gesturing at the air before sinking his head towards his chest and slumping forwards.

Kurt giggled and leant forwards caressing his hands up Blaine's thighs, forcing the other boy to look at him. "I think you already have." He purred seductively

"Really?" the one eyed boy asked shocked "How?"

Kurt shuffled uncomfortably "Well it's kind of embarrassing"

"I promise I won't laugh"

"Well I sort of have a thing for pirates"

Blaine gulped audibly "Really?"

"Mmmhmm" Kurt replied staring at Blaine's eye patch and licking his lips

"Well I better get my Jack Sparrow costume out then"

"Captain Jack Sparrow"


"It's Captain Jack Sparrow"

"No baby." Blaine said, his confidence rising as he knelt up so that he was sat on a slightly higher vantage point to the taller boy "I'm Captain Blaine Anderson."

"Supermegafoxyawesomehot" Kurt murmured

"I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that" Blaine grinned

In reply Kurt grabbed the back of Blaine's head and crashed their lips together, screw the prescribed rest, his boyfriend was sexier than all of LMFAO combined. David Martinez was clean forgotten.

Firstly apologies, I just had to do it, again there is no dinner I apologise for that too and I apologise for the cheese and the pirates of the Caribbean references and the AVPM references and the…ok I'll stop apologising I hope you liked this chapter despite its flaws it made me giggle typing it.

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