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The Spanish Teacher part 2

OMG there's a part two ha-ha yes I was having too much fun so there's another part plus I was bored on the train go figure. This chapter is dedicated to the fabulous funkyfifi

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"Kurt, I missed hearing your voice, are you coming over later?"

"Of course I am silly. That is if you still want me to, how are you feeling B?"

"Utterly rubbish, they lowered the dosage of painkillers so the pain is getting to me, please tell the clock to hurry up baby, I miss you."

"I wish I could my prince, I'll be over as soon as school is done."

"Yay, I can't wait, but don't speed on the way here I don't want you getting hurt, drive carefully."

Kurt giggled "You sound like my dad." Blaine on the other hand didn't see the funny side of this

"Please don't say that babe otherwise my plans for this evening would be incestuous and just plain wrong."

"Blaine…Blaine!" Kurt shouted over Blaine's rambling "you're over thinking things again."

"Sorry" Blaine said sheepishly

"That's ok, see you later darling, love you" Kurt hung up the phone and went back to grilling Rachel as he had done before he was interrupted by the phone call

"Blainey Bear!" A rocket cried launching itself towards the tenor's bed.

"I'm excited to see you too" Blaine laughed as his normally ice-queen like diva of a boyfriend jumped around the room like a 5 year-old on a sugar high.

"Hi" Kurt said when he finally calmed down enough to sit on the bed

"Hi" Blaine answered reaching out his hands to hold Kurt's.

"I'm sorry I didn't call last night, I was a bit stunned by the events."

"Honey it was girls' night, I understand"

"Oh right, yeah, I forgot." Kurt said lying down so that his head was resting on Blaine's chest.

"You forgot? Kurt isn't girls' night the highlight of your week?"

"No of course it isn't, seeing you is the highlight of my week, my day, my month, year, decade, century even."

"As flattered as I am, I can tell there's something you aren't telling me." As Kurt opened his mouth to protest as to how Blaine could possibly know that anything was amiss, Blaine silenced him by covering it with his hand "Kurtie honey," he said using the name he that he knew Kurt despised "I could probably win boyfriend of the year awards for how well I know you. Now are you going to tell me what you are withholding or do I have to tickle it out of you?"

Kurt blew a raspberry, a not altogether pleasant feeling as his mouth was still being covered by Blaine's hand. The boy pirate withdrew his hand and wiped it on the sheets.

"Well I can't tell you if you try and suffocate me." Kurt said triumphantly

"Very funny smarty pants, now spill, I can hear the tickle monster approaching. "

"Ha-ha-ha" Kurt said sarcastically "now you have to promise not to tell anyone, only Mercedes and I know, well and Rachel and Finn naturally."

"On my glee honour" Blaine replied crossing his heart.

"Well, I've already told Finn what I think on the matter but he proposed to Rachel and she said yes."

"What!" Blaine shrieked nearly falling off the bed. "But why?"

"Well that's generally what two people do when they're in love." Kurt answered coldly

Well done for putting your foot in it yet again Anderson

"No I don't mean it like that babe, but why now?"

"That's my point B, it just seems like Finn is giving up and throwing in the towel"

"Did you tell him that?"

"Of course I did" Kurt replied incredulously "and I thought you knew me"

Blaine decided to ignore this comment "what did he say?"

"He talked about pudding a lot but I think I might have got through to him."

"Well that at least explains his strange behaviour of the past few days; I mean he has hardly strung more than a sentence together."

"Mmm well he's never been that much of a good liar; he probably thought the easiest way not to blurt it out would be to avoid us."

"A bit like you then. Lying, spying, it's all pretty much the same thing."

Kurt shrugged; he was too tired to hit Blaine for having insulted him. "Well we are brothers after all."

Blaine's chest vibrated as he chuckled

"In any case I don't want us to get engaged until at least the other side of college."

"I think that I agree with you, get our careers set out before settling down."

"Well there's a relief. I would be worried if we had a difference of opinion on our future."

Kurt giggled and kissed his boyfriend affectionately. "I love you fiancé-to-be"

"I love you too babe."

Neither of the two ever questioned whether or not they would actually ever get engaged to one another. The question was not 'if' but 'when.'

cheese much?

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