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so as you most probably guessed from the title this is the/a heart chapter so spoilers if any of you have not seen the episode yet

sadly due to lack of glee I may have to revert back to weekly updates well at least for one week. I haven't decided what to do throughout the hiatus yet *waaaaaaaaaaaaah* well of course this depends on whether or not there is a part 2

"You've got the number to the hotel if you need us." Burt said as he wheeled his suitcase out of the house.

"OK Dad, go have a romantic weekend with your wife, we'll be fine."

"You know that I trust you Kurt and you didn't really get the Valentine's Day that you wanted but promise me you'll be safe ok? And don't burn the house down."

"Wait. What? On second thoughts I don't think I want to know."

"Wise move bud, me and your mother ...well we caused your grandparents quite the headache.

'Oh dear god' Kurt thought and stuck his fingers in his ears "lalalalalalalalala"

"Oh man up kiddo, I know that you've done the deed."

Kurt glared at his father, just because he liked what he and Blaine did in the confines of the bedroom and the car and the sofa and that time in the toilet cubicle at McKinley and under the bleachers and oh yeah there was that one time under the tree. Ok fine, even though he was pretty much obsessed with what they did, he still wasn't comfortable talking about it, especially with his Dad, Blaine however, well that was a different story. Talking of whom, Blaine was due to come over in a mere few hours and there was still so much to do

"Bang Bang Bang on the door baby" Blaine called through the letterbox

Kurt smiled as he paused from stirring the sauce when he heard his boyfriend's melodic voice. Walking towards the front door he decided to humour Blaine "knock a little louder sugar."

"Bang Bang Bang on the door."

Kurt laughed what must his neighbours think of this charade. "I can't hear you" he choked out between giggles. Opening the door Kurt managed to stutter out a "Hi" before he was rendered speechless by the sight of his beautiful boyfriend on one knee, wearing a tuxedo and wielding a dozen roses. "I feel underdressed" he finally said after taking a few moments to appreciate the view.

"Nonsense, I like everything that you wear, even more when it's the floor that's wearing it." Blaine said standing up and taking in the 'Kiss the cook' apron that Kurt was sporting

"How dare you suggest that I would ever discard my clothes on the floor, now be nice or you won't get any dinner."

Blaine held out the flowers that he was holding as a peace offering "How about dessert?" he teased

"Behave!" Kurt gasped shocked lightly nudging Blaine's chest "Now are you going to come in or are you going to spend all night on the doorstep.

whose up for a part 2? requests welcome :D

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