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Heart part 2

Part two is here and it rocks the boat but don't worry there's not a full on ship wreck or will there be…..?

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"Dinner is served" Kurt said proudly laying the plate down carefully in front of his ravenous fiancé-to-be.

"This looks amazing babe, you must have been cooking for hours" Blaine stared hungrily at his food. "What is it? It smells divine?"

"Oh go on, tuck in "Kurt sighed sitting down "it's a slow roasted loin of venison with braised cabbage, junipers and a red wine jus."

Blaine licked his lips before taking a mouthful "Oh. My. God. Kurt. I think I may have died and gone to heaven, the cook most definitely deserves more than a kiss for this."

"Well I thought that I could take a break from my diet for this one occasion."

Blaine snorted "Honey you don't need to be on a diet, you're beautiful as you are."

Kurt blushed "You're only saying that because you want to have your wicked way with me."

"Well perhaps, but that doesn't make it any less true."

The countertenor blushed a deeper shade of red to rival even the roses that he had carefully placed in the vase beside them. However before Kurt could completely settle down to enjoy the evening he knew that he had to come clean about the whole Karofsky debacle. He chewed a few mouthfuls of the dinner that had literally taken him four hours to prepare before opening his mouth to broach the subject.

"Blaine, we need to talk to you"

The piece of venison that Blaine had been savouring up to that point suddenly tasted like ash as the most dreaded words in the English language reverberated around his head. "Oh God Kurt please don't break up with me," he pleaded "I promise that I'll be a better boyfriend, I'll do anything. Please." He said ending up kneeling at the feet of Kurt's chair.

Kurt laughed, he actually laughed. Blaine felt disgusted, Kurt was laughing at him, like their whole relationship was a total joke. Well he wasn't going to stand for this. "Fine, you laugh at me but I'll be the one who gets the last laugh. I'm leaving Goodbye Kurt."

Kurt's face turned as pale as a ghost as he audibly gulped. "Blaine? He asked nervously but the tuxedo clad boy was already walking towards the door. "Blaine?" he tried again more desperately and jumped in front of the door to stop his retreating boyfriend. If he could even call him that anymore, what had Blaine meant when he had said 'Goodbye'? No Kurt you cannot cry he thought as he sniffed back tears.

"Kurt please move you're blocking the door."

If he wasn't feeling so miserable Kurt would probably have found this totally obvious statement funny. "That was kind of the point B. I meant when I said that I would never say goodbye to you. Please, please don't leave."

"You weren't going to break up with me?" Blaine asked confused

"Of course I wasn't" Kurt reassured the curly haired boy trying to contain his laughter at the utter absurdity of the situation. Instead he took Blaine's hands and led him to the sofa. "Now that you've ruined the dinner can I please explain myself?"

"Only if you'll forgive me for acting so silly and for ruining dinner, it really was delicious."

"I might be able to find it in my heart to forgive you but only if you forgive me…"

"Of course I'll forgive you" Blaine started to say before Kurt's finger on his lips silenced him.

"I haven't told you what for yet."

Blaine swallowed and straightened himself, puffing out his chest to make himself seem taller. Blaine Anderson was not a wimp; he was going to take this like a man, forgetting the little scenario from before of course. "OK I'm ready."

Kurt took a deep breath and began: "Well the thing is, I've been getting Gorilla-grams all week and anonymous cards from my secret admirer." Blaine looked confused, he hadn't been sending them, and in fact he had yet to give Kurt his Valentine's present and card.

Seeing Blaine's confused expression Kurt continued "I was convinced that it was you until I get the last card." Kurt got up to get said card a showed it to Blaine.

"The one before asked me to meet him in Breadstix before the party, which I did but the last one said…"

"I think I love you." Blaine read aloud. "Who was it?" he asked looking beseechingly into Kurt's face

"Do you promise not to freak out?" the taller boy asked trying not to make eye contact.

"Oh god, please tell me, you're really starting to scare me."

"It was Karofsky, he said that he has been developing feelings for me ever since we saw him in Scandals" Kurt said unable to hold Blaine's gaze.

"K-K-Karofsky?" Blaine spluttered "But….what did you say?"

"That I was with you, I let him down gently."

Blaine's expression turned from an icy glare to one of admiration "I'm so proud of you; you're so much more of a man than I am."

"Well we both know that" Kurt teased

"Hey! I maybe small…"

"But perfectly formed" Kurt said finishing the sentence

"You said it" Blaine nestled himself against Kurt's chest and the taller boy wrapped his arms around the tenor. "I'm sorry I freaked out earlier."

"I know you are babe, I would never ever break up with you, your my fiancé-to-be remember?"

"I think I might recall something along those lines" Blaine smiled kissing Kurt chastely.

"No, no we can't do this now" Kurt mumbled pulling himself away from Blaine's hold before the kiss deepened and became more heated. "We have to eat dessert first."

Blaine would normally have been disgruntled by the lack of contact but he was nevertheless cheered by the prospect of dessert "I love you"

"Is it me you love or just my cooking?"

"A bit of both" Blaine admitted

And that my dear readers is where we shall end this chapter, everything is back to be being sunshine, lollipops and klainebows as it should be.

But the question is what's for dessert? Where is Finn? And more importantly what did Klaine get for Valentine's Day?

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