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Heart part 3

This is really quite bad, I keep writing this instead of doing work :S oh bother

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of the characters featured, neither do I own the song (In Stereo: Summertime's end)

I've edited this chapter so many times it's unreal, I was going to go down a more T-rated route but a lovely review from Miss Olivia Cellophane I decided to change track because writing something even vaguely smutty just isn't me so here is take like #560 I hope its ok:

Bold= Kurt singing

"Where are your Dad, Carole and Finn?" Blaine asked when the two decided that it was time to return the dinner table.

"I sent him to Rachel's so he won't be back till tomorrow and Dad and Carole has gone away for the weekend" Kurt shrugged "I wanted you all to myself tonight."

"Awww Kurtie"

"Blaine what did I say about that name?" Kurt said blushing

"You love it."

Kurt opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it, he wouldn't ever admit it but really he loved every pet name that Blaine gave him.

"Babe close your eyes."

Blaine looked at his boyfriend quizzically as Kurt stood to go into the kitchen but the other boy shook his head "it's a surprise now close your eyes."

Reluctantly Blaine did as he was bid, pricking up his ears so that he could try and make out what was happening. He thought he heard Kurt walking towards the kitchen and returning a few moments later, "B, you can open your eyes now." Kurt gabbled excitedly.

"Oh Kurt!" Blaine gasped looking in awe at the stunning heart shaped cake in front of him, yet the boy in question had momentarily disappeared, reappearing seconds later with a knife and his iPod dock.

"Before you open that present," Kurt said motioning towards the navy blue jewellery box on top of the cake that Blaine had missed on his inspection of the culinary treat. Blaine managed to rip his thoughts away from wondering what the contents of the box could be just in time to see Kurt hitting the play button.

"In glee this week, we had to sing the greatest love songs of all time and although there are so many to choose from I wanted to sing this, for you"

Closing his eyes Kurt started to sing the first verse

UnspeakableLike a truth unsaidthe thought of youFills my tired head

The singing boy walked towards Blaine and as the line is the song suggested took his boyfriend's hands

Your hand in mineTaking left in rightAs we combineJoining black and white

He pulled Blaine up from his chair so that they both standing and started slow dancing

Turn out the light and we'll dance through the nightSpinning slowAs our hearts beat in stereoTwirling around in the wake of this beautiful soundSway with the breeze in three hundred and sixty degreesYeah, our hearts beat for days like theseSoak up the moment and promise you won't let it go

Your breathing slowsAs we gently swayThe music stopsBut we keep going anyway

The skyline fadesTrading red for blueBut I don't care'Cause I'm here with you

Turn out the light and we'll dance through the nightSpinning slowAs our hearts beat in stereoTwirling around in the wake of this beautiful soundSway with the breeze in three hundred and sixty degreesYeah, our hearts beat for days like theseSoak up the moment and promise you won't let it go

As the music faded Blaine kissed Kurt's lips softly, "You never cease to amaze me that was so beautiful."

Kurt smiled against the kiss "Now open your present, I can't wait to see what you think."

"You shouldn't have babe, this is too much, loving you and knowing that you love me in return is present enough for me."

"Nevertheless, open it." Kurt ordered pulling the chair out for Blaine.

The other boy did as he was bid carefully taking the box off the top of the cake. Kurt looked on expectantly as Blaine opened the box and gasped at the contents. "Kurt, I love them so much thank you" he gasped examining the subjects of the box. For within lay two silver cufflinks each one shaped in the letters K and B.

"I know that you don't wear a shirt every day anymore that would enable you to wear them all the time, but when I saw them in the shop and that I could have different letters I…" Kurt didn't succeed in finishing his sentence as Blaine got up and sprinted to other side of the table and shut the other boy up by kissing him passionately." "They are amazing baby, I will always wear them."

Kurt succumbed to his boyfriend's wishes and kissed him back, well at least the cake wasn't going to go cold.

"So…" Kurt asked a few hours later when the two of them had eaten as much of the cake that they possibly could. Blaine had discovered that although the heart shaped cake had been covered in pink and red icing, it was in fact the most exquisite chocolate cake that he had ever tasted.

"So…" Blaine replied "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"You might have mentioned it" the countertenor answered reclining on the sofa and laying his head on Blaine's chest. Although he had loved that the other boy had sung Love Shack to him the other night Kurt was still waiting for his present, of course he wouldn't demand outright that Blaine should shower him with presents but he had expected at least something and yet thus far Kurt had received nada. Well nothing expensive or materialistic in any case.

Blaine loved this. Time spent with Kurt, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company was his favourite pastime. He reached out to play with Kurt's hair and started tracing circles on the brunette's scalp, yet he couldn't shake the feeling that he had forgotten something. Oh crumbs.


Kurt hummed in response

"Can you sit up?"

Reluctantly the boy did as he was asked, protesting "But B I was comfortable."

"You would be more than welcome to go back to that after but first, I have something for you."

Kurt's eyes lit up. Score, present time! Rocking back on his heels Kurt looked up at Blaine like an expectant…"Kurt stop it, I'm the puppy in the relationship."

"Ok well, Blaine continued "I'm kind of nervous about giving this to you, 'I don't know if you'll like it." he said pulling out a small box from his jacket pocket that was draped over the arm of the sofa, "As you know, I've took on a shift at the Lima Bean, not because we were particularly short on cash but so that I could buy you things without having to sponge off my parents."

Kurt smiled as he recognized the turquoise box. "Oh Blaine…" he gasped "I love it"

The other boy laughed nervously but you haven't even opened it yet." He pointed out

"Yes, but it's from Tiffany's, how could I not love it? "

"Just open it."

Inside the box lay a simple silver chain with a large heart pendant with a smaller golden heart embossed on it.

"Can I say that I love it now?" the receiver of the gift asked cheekily

"Only if you mean it"

"Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaine!" Kurt screamed hugging the curly haired boy tightly "Thank you, thank you, thank you." he said kissing every inch of Blaine's skin that was not currently covered in clothing.

"My pleasure beautiful."

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