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On My Way

OK so firstly SPOILERS, BIG HUUUUUUGE MAAAHUUUSIVE SPOILERS (OK part 2 is mahuuusiver oh damn I gave away that there was a part 2 dang flammit) so if you have not seen this episode yet please do not read yet . This ep literally floored me

Secondly where did Klaine go doing Here's to us?

Anyway not owning anything waaaaaaaaaaaaah

"Nervous?" Blaine asked as he and Kurt stood in the wings waiting to go on stage.

"Just a bit" Kurt admitted

"We're gonna kill this thing, just like last year."

"I hope not," Kurt joked "We lost last year."

Blaine smiled "Come on we're on. I love you"

"I love you too. Break a leg sexypants." Kurt gushed before stepping onto the stage to take his starting position. Blaine on the other hand was left rooted to the spot. Had Kurt really just said that? He wasn't normally so bold, (about their relationship, his fashion sense speaks volumes at the best of times) well not in public at least.

"Me, me, me against enemies, me against friends" Blaine rapped on stage, in the audience Jeff and Nick looked at each other pointedly and gulped, this was an obvious jab at them. Although Blaine had said that he would forgive them for the slushie prank when the two of them plus Trent had gone to visit him during his recovery, they knew that Blaine could not forgot what his supposed friends had done. "Did you know he could rap?" Nick whispered to his boyfriend

"No, we should have so used that" the blonde mumbled back

"Finn and Rory, you go to the left Balcony, Artie and Puck on the right, Mike can you go to the back with…..where are Kurt and Blaine?" Mr Schue asked

"Blaine, Blaine!" Kurt giggled "We can't do this, we are still competing"

"But I don't want to go back, I'm comfortable," Blaine moaned "Anyway they don't need us, Rachel has this covered."

Kurt chuckled, Rachel did indeed have this covered and taking centre stage over everyone else as usual.

"But still my parents are only a room away, we can not doing this."

"Oh relax, they won't hear anything over that noise, even if you do cry out like you did last time."

"Seriously Blaine this is totally inappropriate, we are at school."

"But you look so sexy in with those braces on." Blaine said coyly

"I'm upset that you're insinuating that I don't always look sexy." Kurt tried to sound wounded

"You know you do" the short boy growled and went back to kissing his favourite part of Kurt's neck

"Blaine we really need to get back"

Blaine scowled causing Kurt to snort "Come on you"

Just a little incy wincy bit of Niff in there too

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