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On My Way part 2

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Blaine was playing with the flower on Kurt's jacket as they sat waiting in the Justice of the Peace's Foyer as said boy's phone chimed to say that a new message had come through. Glancing at the screen Blaine saw that the message was from Karofsky, Blaine knew about the pact to be friends now but was still a bit confused as to why Dave would contact now, he did know about the wedding. Kurt just shrugged at Blaine's confused expression and went ahead and opened the message, Blaine kept trying to lean over and read the message but he needn't have tried as Kurt's body immediately came hurtling at him as he dropped his phone, tears were streaming down his face.

"Kurt, kiddo, what's wrong are you ok" Burt cried rushing forwards trying to pry Kurt away from the shocked tenor, yet the distraught boy kept a death grip on Blaine.

"Y-you need t-t-to st-op the wed-d-ding" Kurt hiccupped between sobs.

"Shhh babe it's alright" Blaine soothed his boyfriend stroking his back, "Can you tell us what's happened?"

Reluctantly Kurt relaxed his grip and picked up the drop the phone and handed to Blaine

They just wheeled in Quinn's body, she looks a state. What happened? D

Blaine scanned the text paling, yet it wasn't until he read it aloud that he started crying. The two lovers glanced at each other before embracing

"Is she dead" Brittany asked as the members of New Directions went into differing states of shock, the various couples clinging to each as if their lives depended on it. Sue could be seen to have gone completely rigid.

Burt was the first to regain his composure and invited all the occupants of the foyer back to the Hummel-Hudson residence a stiff drink. "We can't do anything at the hospital anyway" he asserted.

"We'll bring some refreshments." Hiram quipped in, well they had made lots of finger sandwiches that were going to go to waste otherwise.

A few hours later saw Kurt and Blaine slumped on the sofa, the curly haired boy resting his head on Kurt's stomach as the other boy played with his hair.

"Well this has definitely made an interesting one year anniversary." Blaine sighed

"Would you mind terribly if we postponed the festivities?" Kurt asked

"Of course not honey, I'm not really in a mood for celebrating anyway."

"Blaine, are you going to stay for dinner Carole asked coming into the living room.

"If that's not too much trouble. I'll come and help" Blaine said rising

"Oh no you don't" Kurt growled pulling Blaine back on top of himself.

Carole laughed at the two boys. "Well it looks like you have your orders Blaine; dinner will be about half an hour.

"Thanks Carole" The boys called after her as Carole disappeared into the kitchen.

soooooooo about the episode OMG OMG OMG

a bundle of laughs wasn't it? :S

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