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On My Way part 3

A really short part 3 sorry about that. WARNING there's suicide triggers in the ickle chapter

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this chapter but I think it had to be done (although there is a lack of the normal fluff-fest)

The occupants of the dining table waited tensely as Burt finished the phone call.

"Thank you very much, this is greatly appreciated, the boys are all shook up about it….right, thank you, goodbye" Burt said hanging up the phone and coming back to the table to re-join his family, plus Blaine minus Sam. "That was Principal Figgins; he's given the glee club the day off school tomorrow to recover from the shock of Quinn's accident."

Carole let out the breath that she was unaware that she had been holding in. "The poor girl" she sympathised. Although Quinn had been rather sneaky about the baby drama a couple of years ago, Carole still felt that the girl had become like a daughter to her, she had no doubt found it easier to bond with Quinn over Rachel.

"It's been a hard and trying week for all of us" Burt agreed "you ok kiddo? He asked Kurt, who was staring at his plate intently, playing with his food and avoiding eye contact. "Son it's not your fault, any of this."

Kurt's glazed eyes looked up to meet his father's and Blaine reached over to squeeze Kurt's hand. "What makes you so sure?" the boy who was close to tears asked.

"Kurt, hun, they'll be ok," Blaine said leaving his seat and going to Kurt's side "Please stop blaming yourself; it's not your fault."

"Buddy, Blaine and I, we love you and I know that you don't like yourself right now but you have to stay strong for us. Promise me?"

Kurt gulped the air before slowly nodding. OK he thought, Blaine and his Dad needed him he could do this. Courage right?

Sensing his boyfriend's very thoughts Blaine whispered the same word in his ear "courage."

Although he had not admitted it in the glee trust circle, Kurt had been in the very same situation as Dave, yet he had been unable to go through with it.

Feeling a bit left out of something, Carole made a mental note to aske Burt what was going on later. Thankfully Finn, ever the unaware, was too busy reeling from the wedding that that didn't happen and the events thereafter to hear the present on-goings. The jock wasn't sure whether to be annoyed or thankful that the wedding was cancelled, although he did really want to marry Rach, maybe Kurt was right (although Finn would never let him know this) maybe now was too soon.

There was definitely something that Kurt was hiding during this episode don't you think?

Ugh 7 weeks what am I supposed to with myself? *voice in head* write your dissertation - meh

Firstly -I think Quinn's behaviour may have been a bit rude is season 1 but I think she may have turned on the charm offensive whenever she saw Carole

Secondly- I really don't like Finnchel so I apologise if this comes through but they really really annoy me as a couple and the whole marriage storyline is a complete joke if you ask me, I mean seriously they are in high school and I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this but they are so naive and unaware and all their scenes are just plain awkward and I'm going to shut up before I go and upset someone - Sorry please don't hate me

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