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Prom Queen

So I was looking at the stats and chapter 1 has loads more views than the second chapter maybe people looked at this and thought ugh it sucks or maybe I'm over analysing - I do that a lot This chapter is a bit shorter than the others sorry about that

I'm sorry that this posted far later in the day than I intially intended, I was on the phone to the IT man for like over an hour, basically word doesn't work, yet the rest of office does so after a fruitless battle of unimstalling, re-installing and doing lots of fancy confuzzling things they are going to take my laptop away from me for like a week, so I'm intending on finishing? this story before the laptop goes to hospital...

anyway onwards my dears..

"Kurt! Kurt please open the door," Blaine yelled through the solid oak door panel. He had been knocking and trying to get Kurt to talk to him for five minutes now "Please Kurt please listen to me."

"Fine then" Blaine heard the muffled voice say as the door swung open.

It revealed his boyfriend, yet a lesser version of Kurt's normal fabulous self. The tall, slim boy's eyes were red rimmed and he had the ghosts of tear tracks down the apple of his cheeks indicating that he'd just been crying. Kurt's somber mood was heightened still further by the clothes he wore, gone was the flamboyant outfit of less than ten minutes previous to be replaced by an ill-fitting grey t-shirt accompanied by stone-washed baggy jeans. A far cry from the boy's normal attire.

"can I come in?" Blaine asked timidly.

"If you must"

"I'm sorry for what I said, or didn't say downstairs"

Kurt made a non-committal grunt as if to indicate that Blaine should go on

"I..err...I-I'm just scared"

Well that was unexpected Kurt thought, though he remained silent, he didn't want to interrupt Blaine from saying what he felt.

"I'm scared about what they'll do to you. I can't have a repeat of the Sadie Hawkins dance, I just can't" Blaine looked down at his feet shuffling nervously "I'm sorry" he mumbled

"Does that mean your not going to go with me anymore?" Kurt asked pleading with his eyes hoping that what he was hearing was not true.

"No,no of course I want to go with you." Blaine said tears forming in the corner of his eyes "I'm crazy for you I would do anything for you"

"I'm still keeping the kilt though" Kurt said stubbornly

"Good" said Blaine seductively and leant in to Kurt's ear "you look hot in the kilt"

Kurt blushed, no he didn't mean it, Kurt was sure that Blaine was only saying this to make him feel better

Blaine, seeing that he wasn't being taken seriously went on " No seriously, I had to keep thinking of kissing Rachel so that my appreciation wouldn't show, If you know what I mean" he emphasied this point by waggling his eyebrows resulting in Kurt turning a deeper shade of red.

The taller boy forcibly pushed Blaine out of the room "Now be a good boy and go downstairs whilst I get changed" he said slapping Blaine's behind.

"Is he ok?" Burt asked once Blaine was downstairs

"Yes, he's fine" Blaine set about helping to set the table "I'm just concerned about attracting unwanted attention."

"Anything you want to tell me kiddo?"


Burt locked eyes with Blaine, reassuring him that the boy could trust him.

"The last school dance I went too, it didn't end well" Blaine paused, he didn't want Burt to flip out or something and stop Kurt from going to prom. He knew how much prom meant to his boyfriend " me and my date got beaten's why I transferred to Dalton"

"I'm sorry kid, I can see your concern but Kurt's a tough kid and if anything happens I'll make sure that Finn's got your back"

"Thanks Mr...I mean Burt" the father figure cocked his brow "sorry, old habits die hard"

They laughed. Kurt was lucky to have such a supportive family

The bonding session was cut short thought by a galumphing Frankenteen complaining about a lack of food.

"Its nearly ready Finn," Kurt said entering the room "let me just go check on the lasagna"

"Carole's working late," Burt explained "so its just us men."

"Dig in boys" Kurt called returning with the piping dish

"So, have you got everything prepared for prom then? we'll go pick up your tuxes, well minus Kurt tomorrow"

"I just need to buy Quinn a corsage"

"How sweet can I come with you to pick?" Kurt pleaded

"Well I wanted to go for something simple, if I took you with me I'd end up with sequins and feathers and OW"

Finn's speech was interrupted by Kurt playfully hitting his arm

"Now, now boys no violence"

Dinner with the Hudmel's was always an experience

special thanks to TheKurtinator (love the name) and Lgleek95 for your kind reviews :D

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