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Happy Anniversary Klaine!

Just because I can, I would like to dedicate this chapter to ImDefyingGravity13 for just being truly awesome

slight potential innuendos in here (sort of) and suggestions as to what might go on afterwards so I'm keeping the rating at T

"Happy one year and two days anniversary baby" Blaine proudly announced popping the cork on the champagne bottle that Burt had bought them to mark the date. ("As long as that's all that you'll be drinking" he had warned "I won't have you getting my son drunk.")

"Here's to Klaine" Kurt said raising his glass.

"To Klaine" Blaine replied reciprocating the toast.

"We've had quite a year" Blaine said reflecting on the ups and downs of the past twelve months.

"Well it could have been longer if somebody…"

"Ok, Ok, I've already apologised for that," Blaine interjected "Are you ever going to let me live that down?"

Kurt pretended to think for a moment "No" he exclaimed happily.

"It's a good thing that I love you" Blaine teased

"I'm just lucky I guess" Kurt shrugged smiling

"Would you care to take a seat mon chéri?" Blaine said pulling out a chair for Kurt and then folding out his napkin once the other boy was seated.

Kurt giggled in spite of himself both at Blaine's lousy French accent and the fact that he absolutely loved it when Blaine acted all gentlemanly. "B don't try and speak French it doesn't suit you"

"How about," Blaine said seating himself on the other side of the small round table "Ti amo caro mio, Sei tutto per me."

Kurt swooned "I love you"

That's what I just said silly" Blaine chuckled

"Definitely stick to the Italian honey, I'll do the French, then depending on where we go on holiday we'll have all bases covered, I mean we are both learning Spanish.

"But what about German?" Blaine asked "that's another one of the most commonly spoken languages."

"We'll just have to get our daughter to learn German for us."

"Our d-daughter?" Blaine questioned choking on the champagne

"Or son" Kurt added quickly "I really wouldn't mind if you wanted a son, I've just always wanted a little girl to dress up."

"How about one of each?" Blaine asked recovering himself

"I knew there was a reason why I loved you"

"Only the one reason" Blaine said aghast

"I can think of many reasons" Kurt teased running his finger around the rim of the champagne flute.

Blaine couldn't help but stare at the glass and pray that it was his….no Blaine stop it go and take the chicken out of the oven.

Kurt smiled as his lover all but fled to the kitchen, his plan was working.

Five minutes later however Kurt wasn't as sure as Blaine still hadn't resurfaced from the kitchen, food or no.

Getting out of his seat Kurt decided to go and investigate "Blaine! Blainey bear?" he called entering the kitchen to find his boyfriend sat cross-legged on the floor with his head in his hands. "Blaine?" he repeated timidly sitting on the floor next to the curly haired boy and reaching out to touch him on the shoulder.

This however may not have been the wisest of moves as Blaine jolted and started back into life moving away from the contact "K-K-Kurt" Blaine stammered "You're not supposed to be in here."

"I was wondering where you were and hoping that you hadn't hurt yourself."

"I'm fine." Blaine snapped coldly

"I can see that," Kurt said sarcastically "sat on the floor with your head in your hands is the epitome of fine."

"I..err...I messed up" Blaine admitted

Kurt waited for Blainey-bear to continue but when the boy remained silent Kurt decided to go over and cradle his Blaine "How honey? If you ask me everything is perfect."

The shorter boy blushed "I burnt the chicken" he mumbled so that Kurt had to strain to hear him.

"Oh Blaine" Kurt chuckled "don't worry about that," he said kissing Blaine's temple "we'll order a pizza or something." When he noticed that Blaine was still scowling Kurt cocked his head questioningly.

"But you always cook for me," Blaine sniffed "I wanted to make you something but I messed up. I'm such a failure."

"Hey don't you dare say that!" Kurt dropped his arms from around Blaine's torso and pulled the boy around so that they were facing each other. "Blaine Everett Anderson, you are not a failure. You are the most amazing, beautiful, compassionate, sexy, kind, helpful, handsome boy that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I love you" Kurt said accentuating every adjective with a kiss "I would not love a failure."

Blaine opened his mouth to protest and Kurt knew that he had hit a nerve by bringing himself into the mix however before the boy could say anything Kurt attached their lips and was kissing Blaine as if it were their last.

A good few hours and several layers of clothing later Kurt's tummy rumbled "shouldn't we order that pizza now?


mon chéri – my darling (French)

Ti amo caro mio- I love you my darling (Italian)

Sei tutto per me- you are everything to me (Italian)

Well I don't think they'll be needing cheese on that pizza it's all right here

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