Blaine for dinner

Stop in the name of love


Bold is the radio

Not owning anything *sobs*

Stop in the name of love before you break my heart

"Oh GaGa not this song" Kurt groaned turning off the radio

"What's wrong with the song?" Blaine asked perplexed and trying to turn the volume back up which was proving to be quite a problem as Kurt kept swatting his hand away.

"Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road" the passenger driver chided "we don't want a repeat of what happened to Quinn"

"That would never happen, especially not when I have such precious cargo in the car."

"You're such a sappy poodle" Kurt teased

Blaine groaned "I'm forever going to be called that now aren't I?" he asked pulling into the Hudmel drive

"Yes" Kurt announced proudly slipping out of his seat and running round to the driver's side of the car to hold the door open for Blaine before the other boy had even taken off his seatbelt.

"Hey that's my job" Blaine protested

"Are you calling me a girl Blainers?"

"N…no, no " Blaine stuttered "I could never think of you as a girl" pointedly looking at Kurt's manhood as he got out of the car.

"Then stop treating me like one" Kurt said curtly

"I'm sorry"

"You say that an awful lot lately "

"I keep screwing up" Blaine mumbled looking intently at the floor and playing with a stray pebble with his toe.

"Oh honey"

"It's true , I'm not good enough for you."


Blaine ignored him and carried on playing with the pebble

"Blaine" Kurt tried again "For GaGa's sake look at me!"

Blaine slowly raised his head and did as he was told

"Blaine" Kurt repeated more softly "Honey" he stepped closer to the other boy closing the gap between them and placed his forearms on the smaller boy's shoulders so that his hands met at the back of Blaine's neck, conveniently located so that Kurt could play with the poodle like hair. "Don't you ever think that you're not good enough, you are perfect to me."

"Like the Pink song" Blaine sniffed desperately trying not to cry

"Exactly like the Pink song. Honey bee I love you, you might be a truly sappy, cheesy boy with some not-so-great ideas now and then but you're my sappy cheesy boy." Kurt said, now also trying to hold back tears.

"I'm sorry Kurt"

"Blaine stop apologising. I. Love. You." He made sure that Blaine knew this by kissing him. It was only a quick chaste kiss but Kurt hoped that it expressed all the feelings he felt for his Blaine; awe, respect, longing, lust and love.

"Dudes are you going to like come in or something?" Finn shouted from the open kitchen window (god knows why Finn was even in the kitchen) and totally ruining the moment.

"Yeah we'll be right there" Kurt called back detaching himself from around Blaine

"Do you have to go?" Blaine whined at the loss of contact

Kurt laughed "You're coming in as well silly or you no longer staying for dinner?"

"Well I didn't know if the invitation was still valid…."

"Of course it is."

"Awesome" Blaine said grabbing Kurt by the hand and skipping up the remainder of the drive.

"Honey your gay is showing"

"I would hope so"

Kurt giggled "I love you"

"I love you more"

"Nope, I love you more than you love me "

"Guys seriously!" Finn yelled as the two lovebirds entered the house "I'm hungry, stop bickering about who loves who more and get in here so that we can eat"

"Whom" Blaine corrected


"It's who loves whom"

"Whatever can we just eat?"

So there you go I was going to have it as a really long chapter but have decided to split it in two so part 2 should be up in the next few days (potentially)

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