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Stop in the name of love part 2

Hey part 2 how's it hanging?

Bold is singing (not a lot of it but it's still there)

Thanks to all my readers, the reviewers *waves at Funkyfifi and ImDefyingGravity13* as well as the silent ones I love you guys so much and hey if it weren't for you I would probably have dried up after the first chapter of Passing notes, that seems like such a long time ago now...shut up now and get on with it..yes dear...anyway where was I oh yes part 2

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"So…." Blaine started helping himself to another spoonful of peas

"Yes dear?"

"What was it about that song?"

"What song?" Sam asked before Kurt could reply

"On the radio in the car earlier, this one song came on and Kurt had to turn it off"

"That doesn't sound like Kurt" Burt said between mouthfuls "he's normally the one who turns up the volume."

Kurt was overcome by the urge to stick his tongue out but felt that this might be a bit too childish so he settled for kicking Blaine in the shins instead for bringing up the subject. However the yelp that this caused indicated that he had missed his target.

"Finn would you like to explain the meaning behind that song seeing as you were the reason we did it?" Kurt asked coldly

"Fine but you could have just asked instead of kicking me, that's gonna bruise dude. Anyway it wasn't just me, Sam was involved too."

"Involved in what?" Carole asked genuinely curious

"I…errrr" Finn spluttered

"Well you see it's….." Sam tried

"Oh for GaGa's sake" Kurt cried out in frustration "basically Blaine the boys…."

"And Tina" Finn added

"Unhelpful Finnegan as usual" Kurt mumbled as a side note "They wanted to, what was the phrase you used Finn? Cool down, so they would picture Coach Beiste doing well….unsavoury thing"

"Finn" Carole gasped

" I didn't I use the mailman"

"What's a guy who delivers post got to anything to do with all of this?" Burt asked confused


"Oh god" Carole realised what 'the mailman' implied "Oh Finny you don't"

Finn who at this point was bright red nodded slowly

"Anyway this conversation is getting really, really weird please can we change the subject" Kurt asked

"Hang on, I still don't understand what the song had to do with all of this" Blaine said looking between Finn, Sam and Kurt silently daring one of them to answer him.

"Well…Beiste found out, she quit and everything so we sang that, a mash up actually of that and free your mind to apologise" Sam finally admitted

"Why didn't you tell me Kurt?" Blaine asked feeling slightly put out that he was only hearing about this now or even had been there to witness it.

"I…..had other things on my mind that week" Kurt said sharing a meaningful glance with Blaine

Oh it was 'that' week

Finn, mistaking the look between the lovers "Oh it was about that time when you met Blaine, you were totally smitten dude."

"Finn!" Kurt cried turning his attention towards Finn and glaring at him

"It's true, you wanted to get your hands on me in my skin tight jeans since the moment we met" Blaine boasted

"You didn't know that at the time otherwise this" Kurt said pointing with his thumb and forefinger at both Blaine and himself "would have happened ages ago."

Blaine stared at Kurt with his puppy dog eyes "I'm sorry for being so oblivious"

"It doesn't make it any less true" Sam quipped

Everyone at the table apart from Kurt chuckled

"What can I say?" Kurt said reaching out to hold the hand that Blaine had resting on the dining table "I just love this guy."

Blaine smiled "Aww Kurt. I love you too" he said leaning over and kissing the latter boy on the cheek causing a variety of different reactions from the table's occupants. Carole swooned, Burt smiled proud that his son had found someone to love and love him in return and Sam and Finn ducked their heads in disgust. They were happy for Klaine and everything it's not like they were homophobic or anything but the ideas of two dudes….that's just gross.

It's not as long as I thought it would be so I could have stuck it all in one chapter oh bother

I disagree with Finn and Sam, I could watch Klaine all day I probably shouldn't admit to the amount of times that I have watched that first Klaine kiss on youtube lol

I'm sorry about Finn, I love the Furt brotherliness but it seems that whenever I write Finn, my hate of the character rubs off so I apologise if that comes off in this.

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