Blaine for dinner

Big Brother

*Breathes* finally got through mountains of work so I'm able to catch up with this story although I can hardly really call it Blaine for Dinner anymore as there is no dinner

"OMGaga Blaine, Blaine stop I want to watch this" Kurt cried as he and Blaine were sat one afternoon in front of the TV channel hopping.

"Kurt it's just the adverts, why do you want to watch this?"

"But it's him Blaine! Cooper Anderson! Isn't he dreamy?"

Blaine tried to refrain himself from rolling his eyes "Yes positively a dreamboat" he snorted

"Blaine are you jealous?" Kurt asked turning to look at his boyfriend instead of the television screen (once the advert was over of course) upon seeing Blaine's furrowed brow Kurt giggled "Oh this is adorable, Blainey-wainey's jealous " Kurt snuggled up so that there was hardly any space between the two which was a mean feat because they weren't exactly sat sitting miles apart in the first place.

"Well don't you worry Mr Anderson, it's not like I'm ever going to meet him" Kurt joked walking his fingers up Blaine's chest

'yeah you're never going to meet him' Blaine thought sceptically, inwardly groaning that Coop had decided to actually visit for the first time in a blue moon later that week.

"Well I should go" Blaine announced trying to struggle free from Kurt's arms

"Noooo.." the other boy protested flinging himself on top of Blaine to try and stop him from getting up "Aren't you going to stay for dinner?"

"I wish I could babe but I have to get home"

"Why?" Kurt whined, perfectly aware that this made him sound like a spoilt child " it's not like anyone is in at yours, and you'd at least get fed properly here, I know what you're like mister with all that junk food of yours."

"I'm sorry Kurt, I'll call you later" and with that Blaine was gone. Kurt was left sitting alone in the Hudmel living room with a sinking feeling in his gut. Why was Blaine starting to be so distant?

sorry it's so short, Kurt said in 3x17 that Blaine was being distant so I decided to start it sooner rather than later

your thoughts are always appreciated even if they say "This story SUCKS"0 not that I've had one like that and don't want to start having them but you know what I mean, well you probably don't I'll shut up

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